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Grade 4 Art Displayed in Junior School Art Gallery

The Grade 4 work can be seen in the Art Gallery just off of the Learning Commons
The Junior School’s new Art Gallery next to the Learning Commons is officially displaying its first pieces of art. An exhibit of what the Grade 4 classes have been working on is now available for everyone to see. 

Grade 4 students explored optical art and began looking at and discussing the work of Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. Students identified ways that optical artists created the illusion of space and movement on a two-dimensional plane. 

In class, they went over techniques to create these illusions and reviewed complementary colours and other possible colour choices. The students were tasked to create their own optical art piece using markers and/or paint. Throughout their project, they used precision and perseverance! 

Sophie created her optical art with a picture of her hand, with many patterns and shapes around it. 

“In the background, I did red and orange and contrasted it with cool colours, which are my favourite so I did those in my hand,” she explained. “I chose to do a hand drawing because it was different and represented me.” 

Other students, like Dillon, included circles in their work. 

“I put different shades of colours, like a light and dark purple to help my piece come to life,” he said. “I also combined three of the circles to make a cool design, and then I included sparkles on the back.”

Jecca used an image of an apple in her piece, and blue, a colour she really likes, for the background.

“For my apple, I put a lighter shade at the top and then darker shades towards the outside, to make it look like there was some shading,” she said. “It was a really fun activity, I enjoyed it a lot. There was a lot of thinking to do, and we put a lot of time into this.” 

Tejas’ optical art piece included many different patterns, which he chose because it helped to make the piece pop. 

“When people see my piece, I hope they think it’s good and get inspired to make their own, and have people appreciate their own piece of art,” he said. “It was a fun activity, but the hardest thing was drawing the square inside my piece.” 

Way to go Grade 4s, for displaying your art in the inaugural Junior School Art Gallery exhibition! 

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