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Spring Term Gryphon Awards

On June 1, the Middle School celebrated the students who were awarded the Gryphon Award of Excellence for this term.
The award is given each term to a student in each Grade that embodies the school motto “Do your best through truth and courage.” 

The criteria staff consider when determining who will receive the award includes: reflecting on the spirit of our school motto; exhibiting a commitment to learning and striving to do their very best; demonstrating good manners and virtues such as respect, compassion, condience, enthusiasm, integrity, kindness and perseverance; participation in a wide range of activities at school and/or the outside community; and contribution to service as action in meaningful ways. 

The recipients for the Spring Term were Freya Simoneau ’26, Sofia Kanji ’27 and
Kiki Webb ’28! 

During assembly, the respective homeform teachers read a speech about each student who also received a certificate and a medal. Here is an excerpt from what was said about each of these Gryphons. 

Freya: “Freya’s positivity, enthusiasm and caring nature are always evident around school, from the moment she arrives in homeform right through to the end of the day. Every morning before homeform starts, Freya can be seen surrounded by her classmates chatting with everyone. She takes a leadership role in caring for our fish, tidying our homeform and making sure everyone feels welcome. She has nothing but positive things to say to her friends and teachers.”

Sofia: “In terms of commitment, Sofia makes well-thought-out decisions and follows through with them. Whether it is participating in a co-curricular, completing an assignment to a high standard, or supporting a friend, Sofia continuously shows dedication and perseverance. Sofia puts high expectations on herself and works diligently to meet these. She can be depended upon to push herself to achieve to the best of her ability on all tasks that she undertakes.”

Kiki: “Kiki approaches each day and each learning opportunity with genuine enthusiasm and a keen spirit. Ms. Owen noted that in I&S Kiki is attentive, proactive about her learning, and supports her peers. She undertakes her tasks with a positive attitude and genuine curiosity. Ms. Joe notes that Kiki takes a positive approach to everything and everyone around her. She is not afraid to ask for help, and she takes the initiative to ask the people around her to clarify her understanding. Kiki is kind and open minded. She treats everyone with respect and is inclusive. She listens intently to others and makes genuine connections.” 

As part of being awarded the Gryphon Award of Excellence, the three students each have a chance to select a charity to which the school will make a donation to in their name. 
Congratulations Gryphons! 

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