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Grade 8s Stepping Up into Grade 9

Ayden Kuo ’26
After three years of Middle School, this year’s Grade 8s can finally “step up” to Senior School! 
We have now reached the final year of Middle School and look forward to the transition to Senior School in September. The good news is we get to stay at Pemberton Woods Campus. A few of the Grade 8s were willing to share what they liked about Middle School and what they look forward to in Senior School as well as offering advice to Grade 6 and 7 students.

“I will definitely miss the lovely teachers who supported me throughout my Middle School years but I’m looking forward to meeting new students and joining new clubs,” said Kate Marriette ’26. Her advice: “Don’t dwell on your mistakes. We all mess up sometimes and that's okay. Remind yourself of how amazing you are and try your best to enjoy your last year of Middle School.”

“I think I will miss the awesome teachers the most,” explained another 8th grader, “ but I’m looking forward to having more independence and freedom. Make sure to plan out your homework so you don't get stressed out or overloaded with school work!” 

“I’m looking forward to a larger locker but I will, for sure, miss the fun projects and Gallery of Fame,” said Reese Suntok ’26. “But remember to not be stressed for Gallery of Fame. It’s not a stressful day if you’re prepared correctly.” 

Keirti Pathak ’26 said she would miss the Middle School campus but looks forward to meeting new people, doing new classes, and participating in different activities. Her words of wisdom are: “Stay organized with all your assignments and try lots of different co-curriculars.”

For those who have yet to enter Grade 8, it is definitely a year of change. Over the course of the year, students are shown how to become more independent and self-motivated. The many projects that are undertaken throughout the year are both stressful and exciting such as the Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare essay, Monologues, and Gallery of Fame. From each project, we learn to explore ideas that we like and challenge ourselves to try things that may frighten us. In the end, it is unanimous when we all say how happy we are to have completed these projects while learning more about ourselves and our classmates along the way. One final thing to look forward to is the amazing Goose Chase that occurs at the end of the year! To learn more, you will just have to finish Grade 8!


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