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GNS IB Diploma students celebrate excellent exam results and university admissions offers

For over 25 years, Glenlyon Norfolk School has empowered students to find personal and academic success through their participation in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.
This course of study—considered the “gold standard” of university preparation—involves completing two years of enriched academics complemented by meaningful engagement in artistic, athletic and service opportunities. Throughout their time at GNS, our students are encouraged to ask questions, explore topics independently and take action about issues that they feel are important.
As an IB World Continuum School, Glenlyon Norfolk School is committed to supporting students to define and realize their own personal version of success. As a community, we strive to acknowledge that success without defining it solely around a single exam or course result, recognizing that education is a life-long journey that does not end with the completion of high school. With that in mind, we wish to congratulate our Class of 2022 IB Diploma and Course Candidate students on their exceptional final IB marks. Despite the many challenges they faced during their two years of study due to the pandemic, this group of 51 students persevered and—with the support of their teachers—achieved some outstanding results.
  • 1 DP student achieved the perfect score of 45
  • 7 DP students earned higher than predicted total scores (33%)
  • 3 DP students earned a score above 40 (14%)
  • 12 students earned a score above 36 (57%)
  • 2 students were anticipated candidates for completing an SL course in Year 1 of the Diploma
  • 1 student earned a Bilingual Diploma
  • The average total score obtained by our candidates who passed the Diploma was 36 (the world average was 31.98)
  • The average grade achieved was 5.62 (the world average was 5.12)
  • The pass rate for this cohort of 21 Diploma students was 90% (the world average was 85.8%)
  • 19 members of our Grade 12 class were provided Inclusive Assessment Arrangements. The purpose of these arrangements is to support and enable all students to participate fully in learning, teaching and assessment by reducing and removing barriers such as access to a word processor, sitting exams in a separate setting, or being provided extra time to write an exam. (37%)

Brian Lim is the second GNS student (the first was Elizabeth Duncan in 2015) to ever earn the rare perfect score of 45. Less than 1% of the 113,706 Diploma candidates from around the world achieved this score. This can only be achieved if the student receives 7s on all their IB Diploma exams as well as the full set of three additional points for their work in the Core consisting of Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity Activity and Service) The Core provides the co-curricular framework that all IB Diploma students are required to complete to ensure they strike a balance between their academic programme and a robust co-curricular programme that includes creative pursuits, physical pursuits, and involvement in the community. This balance creates well-rounded students who are prepared to engage in all aspects of their post-secondary path and life beyond high school. 
Brian has headed off to Stanford this fall to study biology and computer science and says: "The IB Diploma at GNS, I believe, has prepared me well to thrive and succeed in my future educational journeys; not only is the curriculum comparable to university-level courses and writing, providing students early exposure to academic rigor, but also the programme helps develop students into reflective and proactive members of society. At GNS, with excellent instruction and unlimited support from teachers, I became engaged and motivated in my learning, which helped me achieve a score of 45."
Through their exposure to the IB Diploma curriculum, these graduates have been well-prepared for their post-secondary studies. Beginning in Grade 9, our students begin working with the University Guidance team to curate their personal list of the post-secondary institutions that would best match their passions, personalities and plans for the future. The Class of 2022 received over 162 offers of acceptance from top-quality institutions across Canada and around the world where they plan to pursue studies in everything from business, engineering and sciences, to theatre, kinesiology and culinary arts. It is exciting to see all the different pathways our graduates have chosen, and we look forward to hearing about their adventures.
“As with any journey, the path was smooth sailing at times, and at other times, presented challenges, but each of our graduates pushed through and demonstrated incredible perseverance and true grit,” commented Angie Girard, the GNS IB Diploma Coordinator. “A journey such as this requires a great support system both in and out of the classroom, and we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to thank the teachers whose unwavering support of their students throughout the past two years enabled students to engage deeply with the subject-specific content as well as hone and develop skills that will set them up for success in their future endeavours.”
Head of School, Chad Holtum, remarked “I am incredibly proud of this cohort of students. They have faced many challenges over the last two years, but with true Gryphon spirit, they persevered, supported each other, and each achieved their measure of personal success. As a community, we celebrate each of our graduates for what they have accomplished over two remarkable years and look forward to seeing what they do next!”

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