Andrew Arida, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UBC, talks about a few of the benefits of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

MYP and Curriculum

At GNS, the standard BC curriculum from Grades 6 to 10 is taught within the framework of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The MYP framework includes eight subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education for early adolescents. Each year, students at Glenlyon Norfolk School also engage in at least one collaboratively planned interdisciplinary project that involves at least two subject groups.

The Grade 8 Gallery of Fame is a wonderful example of this kind of project as it brings together elements of Language and Literature, Drama and Design.

MYP modelIn relation to the names used for subjects, we use the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme terminology. This means that language arts/English is known as ‘language and literature’; French, Spanish, Mandarin and ELL are ‘language acquisition’; social studies is ‘individuals and societies’; physical education is ‘physical and health education’; IT is ‘design’; drama, band, choir and fine arts are ‘arts’; science is ‘sciences’ and mathematics remains unchanged.

The MYP Programme Model outlines the Programme as a whole. The student is at the centre of the programme, followed by the features that help students develop understanding (Learner Profile, Approaches to Teaching, Approaches to Learning, Global Contexts, Concepts). The second ring describes some important outcomes of the programme (Action, Service, Community Project, Personal Project). The third ring describes the MYP’s broad and balanced curriculum.