Grade 5 Exhibition

Grade 5 Exhibition

“The Exhibition is an important part of the PYP for all students. In the final year of the programme, students undertake a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems. As a culminating experience of the PYP, the Exhibition offers students an exciting opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning.”
(from the IBO, The IB PYP, 2012)

One of the most significant events in a PYP school is the Exhibition. Held each year, it is the culmination of a student’s experience in the Primary Years Programme. It is a chance for students to celebrate their learning with the entire school community and marks their transition from the PYP to MYP (Middle Years Programme).

What is the purpose of the Exhibition?

The Exhibition gives students the opportunity to:

  • engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry that unites them with teachers, parents and other members of the school community
  • explore multiple perspectives of a real-life issue or problem that is significant and relevant
  • reflect upon their journey through the PYP and apply their learning from previous years
  • synthesize the essential elements of the PYP: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and action
  • demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning
  • assess their own progress
  • take meaningful action as a result of their learning

Students complete their investigations in small, collaborative groups of three to five members. Each group engages in the Action Cycle by choosing an issue to explore, planning a course of action and reflecting throughout the process.