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Our IB Advantage
Middle Years Programme


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How is the MYP different from a non-MYP equivalent course at another school?

    All MYP courses meet BC Ministry of Education content and curriculum requirements. Beyond this, each MYP course at GNS is delivered through an inquiry framework. For each unit of study, a statement of inquiry, key concepts and global context are used to help students understand the complexities of our world and address students' intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being. The structure of the MYP can benefit all ability levels and learning styles and provides opportunities for students to ensure breadth and depth of knowledge. Further to this, all MYP courses help students to develop key strengths in the Approaches to Learning Skills of communication, social, self-management, research and thinking.
  • Q: How are students assessed in the MYP?

    MYP assessment is referred to as a “criterion-related” approach, which represents a philosophy of assessment that is neither “norm-referenced” (where students must be compared to each other and to an expected distribution of achievement) nor “criterion-referenced” (where students must master all strands of specific criteria at lower achievement levels before they can be considered to have achieved the next level). Instead, it aims to support and encourage student learning by providing feedback throughout the learning process via formative and summative assessment, which will ultimately inform the teaching practice as well.
    In order to provide students with opportunities to achieve at the highest level, the subject teacher will develop rigorous summative tasks that embrace a variety of assessment strategies using IB-prescribed assessment criteria. These criteria are known in advance by students, ensuring that the assessment is transparent.
  • Q: How many courses do students have to take in the MYP?

    In each year of the MYP, students take a course in 8 subject areas:
    • Language and Literature (L&L)
    • Individuals and Societies (I&S)
    • Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Design
    • Physical and Health Education (PHE)
    • Language Acquisition (French, Spanish, Mandarin, English)
    • Performing Arts (Theater, Visual Arts, Band, Choir)
  • Q: Are students at a disadvantage in the MYP if they did not complete the PYP?

    Not at all. One advantage of the structure and delivery of the MYP, and the exceptional teachers at GNS, is that we are able to meet students wherever they are in their experience and learning and then help each student to build their individual skillset from there.
  • Q: Do all students at GNS take the Middle Years IB Programme?

    As the IB MYP provides an inquiry framework through which to deliver the BC Ministry of Education content and curriculum, all courses delivered at GNS in Grades 6 through 10 are fully engaged in the IB Middle Years Programme.
  • Q: How does the MYP fit into the IB Continuum?

    At GNS, the Middle Years Programme begins in Grade 6, immediately after the end of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in Grade 5. Students continue to build upon their skills of inquiry and the Approaches to Learning Skills that they were introduced to in the PYP.
If you have other questions about completing the IB MYP at GNS, please contact Gina Simpson, our IB MYP Coordinator (

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