Junior School Academics

Taking the first steps beyond one's family is an exciting and special time that needs an exciting and special place. The GNS Junior School — “The Beach” — is that place, living up to the name Francis Rattenbury gave to his home that sits in the middle of the campus: “Iechineel,” meaning “the place where good things happen.”

At the Junior School, sustained inquiry forms the centre piece of the curriculum. We use structured inquiry into both established bodies of knowledge and complex problems. With this approach, prior knowledge and experience establish the basis for new learning, and students’ curiosity provides the most effective provocation for learning that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. The nature of the entire program is transdisciplinary; a key concept is explored across numerous subjects through a variety of different lenses.

Junior School Curriculum Book
Download a copy of our Junior School Curriculum Book to read more about our Junior School program.