Junior School Athletics

Physical Education

The Primary PE curriculum is designed to develop students’ spatial awareness, large and fine motor skills and general ability in a variety of settings and situations related to physical movement. Exploring various apparatus and equipment, the program challenges and enriches the students’ ability and fine-tune skills to increase coordination.

In the intermediate grades, the PE curriculum is designed to focus on the development, acquisition and improvement of one’s knowledge of games and skills from different categories of movement. Introductory game play and skills are explored through activities, fostering a strong foundation for future physical activity. A major focus is to promote teamwork and positive communication skills, as well as a program that challenges and enriches the student’s ability. Students acquire a knowledge base in fitness and principles for each activity. The PE program is intended to foster self-initiated participation in physical activities and the formulation of a healthy lifestyle.

Co-curricular Athletics

At the Junior School level, our co-curricular sports are non-competitive and inclusive. We welcome all students interested in pursuing athletics and encourage participation, no matter the skill level.

Our age-specific, after-school sports clubs include cross country running, track, swimming, soccer, and softball. Where possible, GNS participates in local meets with other schools as a way to build confidence and introduce our students to the spirit of competition. At this age, after-school sports help our students develop an interest in team and individual sports and show them the importance of commitment, teamwork, and having fun.