Middle School Academics

Students advance into the Middle School at a crucial time in their transition to adolescence. Accordingly, our academic program recognizes that students of this age are in a period of flux; on their path to independence, they must cope with personal, social, physical, and intellectual changes.

Following both the BC Curriculum and the IB Middle Years framework, the Middle School’s rich academic program is designed to shape our students into reflective, critical thinkers as well as confident, capable global citizens. The students take part in a well-rounded educational program, including maths, sciences, language arts, fine arts, and physical education, enriched with co-curricular clubs and activities to suit all interests. By providing students with opportunities to thrive, the GNS academic program helps our Middle School students find their place and gain confidence to take the next steps toward adulthood in the Senior School.

Full descriptions of all our course offerings for Grades 6 to 12 can be found in our Pemberton Woods Program of Studies.