Middle School Art

The Arts flourish at the GNS Middle School: the students have developed a strong foundation from their years at the Junior School; they have gained the confidence to experiment with and trust their creative intuition; and they are at that wonderful age during which they start to refine their skills and produce truly impressive works of art.

Our unique orbiting timetable calls for students to specialize in one of band, choir, drama, or art every year at the Middle School level, and then affords them the chance to study the other arts, as they fit in with their individual schedules. Over the years, this system has proven successful as it provides students with a well-rounded arts education, while also allowing them to concentrate on the art that speaks to them as individuals. We have found the orbiting timetable improves our students’ skills in music, art and drama; bolsters their passion for the arts; and offers exceptional preparation for further specialization at the Senior level.

Orbiting Arts Timetable

  • Grade 6: Year-round band with one semester each of choir, drama and visual arts.
  • Grade 7: Year-round visual arts with the option for one fine arts elective.
  • Grade 8: Year-round drama with the option for one fine arts elective.