With course options and co-curricular opportunities in band, choir, theatre, and visual art our Senior Arts program affords our students a host of professional experiences, through public presentations, involvement in workshops and master classes, or participation in competitions and festivals. Our Arts faculty consists of specialists in their respective fields and includes many teachers who have professional experience in the industry, ensuring our students experience high-caliber training as preparation for a career in the arts, or as a foundation for a lifelong exploration of their creativity.


Senior Concert Band

Owing to the strong musical foundation our students receive at the Junior and Middle School levels, our award-winning Senior Concert Band remains one of our most popular electives and features over 50 students. All Grade 9 to 12 students may join the Senior Concert Band, provided they have previous experience on a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument. Offered as a credited course, band runs both inside and outside of the regular timetable, depending on the grade level. Students must also commit to before-school and lunchtime practices and performances and must attend full band rehearsals during the weekly Fine Arts Block.

The school believes that public performances enhance the musical education of our students, and therefore provides our students with a number of opportunities to perform, both within the school community and beyond. Approximately every other year, the band takes a major trip off the Island and represents GNS in a series of concerts. In the past, the band has performed in Hawaii, Washington, Disney World, and at various locations in Canada.

Jazz Band

Like Senior Concert Band, the Senior School Jazz Band is a credited course, but one that may require an audition. A smaller ensemble, this band is more portable than the Senior Concert Band and performs regularly at small venues around the city, including Hermann’s Jazz Club.

Throughout the year, students also perform in a series of GNS Jazz Nights, which are a hit with students, staff, parents, and the community at large.

Visual Art

Our students arrive in Senior-level visual art classes with a sound understanding of artistic techniques (painting, sketching, sculpting) and visual theory (line, colour, space). Now that they understand how art can be used as a form of expression, we encourage students to expand their minds to explore complicated concepts and mature ideas. Sometimes, students are assigned a project in a particular genre, like portraiture or sculpture, with the freedom to choose their own subjects, and other times, students are asked to explore a particular idea, using any form of visual art they feel best represents their ideas.


If the world is a stage, GNS theatre students are in the spotlight! From heart-wrenching dramas, larger-than-life comedies, and whimsical musicals, our co-curricular theatre program challenges students to present full-length productions to a paying audience. Through the experience of putting on a show, our students refine their acting skills; build confidence speaking in front of large crowds; and discover the incredible magic that comes to life when a committed group dedicates their time and energy to a wonderful project. For those students who do not get a part in the show and still desire to be involved, backstage opportunities in costumes, props, lights, music, set, and stage management offer a unique chance to learn the intricacies of what goes on behind-the-scenes of a full-length production.


Concert Choir

The Senior concert choir has been a celebrated group at the school for decades. Attracting over 40 students in Grades 9 to 12, the choir performs challenging pieces from an extensive repertoire, which includes classical, contemporary, Broadway, pop, and folk choral music.

A credited course, the choir rehearses during during the weekly Fine Arts Block and during lunch break. The choir performs at a number of concerts throughout the year such as the Remembrance Day assembly, Carol Service, Spring Concert, Celebrate the Arts, and various public concerts.

Show Choir

This select vocal ensemble (open by audition only) demands a higher performance standard of performance as a touring ensemble of GNS. It develops a sophisticated ability in the development of vocal techniques, musicianship and the stylistic vocabulary required to perform in the various show choir and vocal jazz styles.

Show Choir members perform at the Carol Service concert and the Spring Concert as well as special school assemblies and events. In addition to concerts and tours, members are invited to participate in the Spring Musical as well.