Senior School Athletics

For a small school, GNS offers a stellar athletics program, as proven by the collection of City, Island, Provincial, and National banners that decorate the walls of the Gudewill Gym. Our main sports for boys are soccer, rugby, and basketball, and for girls, soccer, field hockey, and volleyball. Co-ed teams include golf, track, cross-country running, rowing, and tennis. Climbing, sailing, and squash clubs are also popular.

Physical and Health Education

Our Senior Physical and Health Education (PHE) classes aim to foster in our students a genuine appreciation for and commitment to health and fitness, regard for which we believe leads to a lifetime of healthy living.

In Grades 9 and 10, our students may choose to be part of a co-ed or single gender environment, while only co-ed classes are offered in Grades 11 and 12, at which time PHE is no longer a required course.

In addition to units on traditional school sports, our program offers students the opportunity to explore community and recreation activities. Classes such as yoga, kick-boxing, squash, and weight lifting, our students experience activities which can easily be integrated into their lifestyles once they no longer have mandatory PE classes.

Outdoor Education

The goals of the GNS Senior School Outdoor Education Program are to introduce students to a variety of natural environments, while giving them the tools to enjoy the outdoors safely. We work to provide positive experiences in nature, so our students can become stewards of our natural environment.

By exploring the Vancouver Island wilderness in multiple seasons and developing technical skills in each unique activity, our students build self-confidence, self-reliance and interpersonal skills. Read the GNS Outdoor Education Program flyer for more information.

Co-curricular Athletics

Participation in the co-curricular athletics program is voluntary and students have an opportunity try out every year to make the team. Significantly, given our small student population, teams rely on athletes from Grades 9 to 12 to play on Senior teams. Far from being a problem, the blending of multiple grade levels leads to positive team chemistry, transmission of knowledge, and younger players who move confidently into leadership roles in their Senior years.


Like every school, GNS proudly celebrates our athletic victories; however, our coaching philosophy emphasizes the enjoyment of sport and, following our school motto, doing one’s best through truth and courage on and off the field.

At the Senior level, most of our coaches are experts in their sport; some have personally competed at the national, international, and Olympic level, and some have coached professional and semi-professional teams. As a result, our players are treated like young professionals, and many go on to play at a higher level, whether on varsity teams at university or on Provincial or National teams. GNS is fortunate that many of these athlete alumni return to work as members of our coaching staff.