Consent Forms

Our risk management strategy involves ensuring safe trips and excursions for our students and staff. As a school we make every effort to ensure that insurance, adherence to the law, accepted safety standards, and emergency procedures are in place. We know that this process can be cumbersome at times—but we feel it is important that families are informed about the risks involved in any activity that our students participate in.

It is most important for all parties that every student have a signed form for any off-campus trips that occur. All families are asked to complete a Vancouver Island Blanket Consent form every year at the beginning of September. Students are not allowed to go on any field trips or athletic trips without a completed form. This consent covers any trips that are of normal risk, where the highest level of risk is travel in the school bus or private vehicle to the event. For every one of these trips an informational letter is posted in myGNS.

For any trips outside of the area covered by this form, or for trips involving a higher than normal level of risk, a separate consent form with an informational package is also posted in myGNS, as are consent forms for participation on any athletic team at the school. In order for a student to participate in trips or on athletic teams, a signed consent form must be filled in and returned to the trip leader prior to the departure of the trip, or to the coach prior to the first practice with the team.

Students who do not have the necessary forms signed correctly are not permitted to participate. We appeal to all families to ensure these forms are returned in a timely manner. In team situations, other members of the team are dependent on everyone having their form returned to be able to participate.

Blackbaud myGNS Portal
The NEW Blackbaud myGNS Portal is a password protected area that provides current families with access to online tools that allow them to securely perform tasks such as update health information, find consent forms, or order lunches.