MYP Reporting


GNS also adheres to marking standards and practices set by the IBO. Part of the benefit of an IB education comes from the fact that IB students receive the same standard of education no matter what school they attend, whether they study at GNS or Birkeröd Gymnasium in Denmark or Cairo English School in Egypt. That means a 6 at GNS must also be a 6 at Birkeröd Gymnasium and Cairo English School and any other IB school in the world.

To ensure the IB grading standards are maintained, teachers regularly undergo an assessment of their assessment! Teachers who teach the same subject are required to meet regularly to compare assessments of student work to ensure that the final grades are internally standardized. Frequently, GNS teachers send samples of their students’ work to IB markers around the world, who grade our teachers’ grading and unit planning. The samples are returned to GNS with comments on both the students’ level of work as well as our teachers’ grading, feedback which ensures our teachers consistently mark according to IB standards and that students receive the right kind of feedback to allow them to thrive.

Many GNS teachers work as IB markers and grade sample tests and assignments from other IB schools around the world.

Final Grades

At the end of each academic year all students will earn a number from 1-7 for each subject as a final measure of ‘where they are’ in any given subject. The numbers represent student attainment over the year and are in line with IB reporting processes. For Grade 10 students, percentages that the criteria translate into, using a conversion scale will also be reported. Please see the link below for the conversion scale.

Conversion Scale