Your GNS Parents' Auxiliary Community

All parents, grandparents, and guardians of students attending GNS are automatically members of the Parents’ Auxiliary Community (PAC). Our community is strongest when we support one another. TOGETHER we can do so much to support, nurture and provide an amazing learning environment for all GNS students. The PAC is represented by an elected Executive Committee and appointed Program Coordinators to facilitate communication and coordination within our membership.

Blackbaud myGNS Portal

A password protected area that provides current families with access to online tools that allow them to securely perform tasks such as update health information, find consent forms, or order lunches.

PAC Purpose & Financial Responsibility

Our Purpose:

The GNS Parents' Auxiliary Community (PAC) was created to build and sustain a close-knit, inclusive community of parents within the GNS family. In partnership with GNS administration and staff, the PAC works together to support our community and school on three levels: socially, educationally and financially.

We cooperate. We communicate. We participate.

Social Goal:

Our PAC participates in the organization of a variety of meaningful and relevant events that foster a safe, caring environment in which every member of our community can thrive. Our mandate is to cooperate together to create social connectivity within our community. The PAC thoroughly embodies the time-honoured GNS traditions and culture that support this goal.

Educational Goals:

Our PAC provides a forum for our members to listen to and communicate with each other, as well as organizing meaningful educational opportunities to enhance our collective knowledge and skills in our roles as parents, role models, and leaders. We want to ensure that our children—and all GNS students—are well cared for, supported and safe.

Financial Goals:

The PAC raises funds for our school through community partner initiatives including sponsorship opportunities, loyalty programs, government grants, used uniform sales and lunch programs. Whenever possible, social and educational events are offered at cost basis.

The PAC does not host events to fundraise.

  1. Where do our funds come from:
Source How to Help
Event Sponsors Contact PAC Committee Chair to discuss any current sponsorship opportunities at our events.
Loyalty Programs More info to come.
Government Grants (BC Gaming) If you are aware of other government grants available please contact PAC Committee Treasurer.
Volunteering We always need the help of our PAC members to help run our programs. Click HERE to learn where we need help the most.
Used Uniforms More info to come.
  1. What do we do with the funds raised:
    The majority of funds raised are donated back to GNS for projects or improvements that benefit our children. Each year we identify projects at the Junior, Middle and Senior School that improve the student experience. A small portion of funds help to subsidize social and educational events that benefit the entire Parents’ Auxiliary Community.
  1. PAC Funded Projects since 2014:
School Year Projects Funded
2018/2019 Playground Climber & Technology Upgrades (JS)
Multimedia Projectors (MS)
2017/2018 Gudewill Gymnasium Phase 2 (SS)
Multimedia Projectors (MS)
Specialized Educational Furniture (JS)
2016/2017 Gudewill Gymnasium Phase 1 (SS)
Chromebooks (MS)
Specialized Educational Furniture (JS)
2015/2016 Music Centre Refurbishment (MS + SS)
Cafeteria Kitchen (MS + SS)
Technology Upgrades (JS)
2014/2015 GNS Bus (JS + MS + SS)

PAC Committee & Program Contacts

The PAC is represented by the PAC Executive Committee, a group of volunteers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the preceding year. The Committee selects and promotes events that reflect our mission to build a supportive community for our school. They are leaders, facilitators and mobilizers. With the help of grade representatives, they work hard to make a difference in our community. They look forward to getting to know all of our families and to WORKING TOGETHER to keep our community amazing.

2019/2020 PAC Committee
Co-Chair Claudia Blum
Co-Chair Lisa Lorentzen/Saklas
Secretary Loriann Delorme
Treasurer Nisha Gill
School Liaison Mary Anne Marchildon
Lunch Program PW Anne Denford
Lunch Program JS Daphna Mills
Loyalty Program Ray Baterina
Education Program New Position Contact Committee to Learn More
Class Reps Usually 2 per Grade See Blackbaud for names & contacts

Calendar of Events

Volunteers Needed

All of our events require volunteers to make them possible. We would encourage PAC members to join in the fun and camaraderie as we work together to celebrate our community.

Lunch Program

GNS proudly offers lunches to students every day of the week at the Pemberton Woods Campus (6 to 12), and four days a week (excluding Thursdays) at the Beach Drive Campus (JK to 5).

The meals are sourced from local restaurants and caterers, and served by PAC volunteers who generously donate their time in support of our students.

Anne Denford coordinates the volunteers at the Pemberton Woods Campus and Daphna Mills coordinates the volunteers at the Beach Drive Campus. Interested parents are asked to commit to a time slot on a two-week rotation, and find their own replacement if a conflict arises. Please email or, if you would be willing to assist with serving lunches.

Loyalty Programs

Raise funds for GNS with your everyday purchases!

If you know of a business that might be interested in participating in the Loyalty Program, please let Ray Baterina, our Loyalty Program Coordinator, know!

Peppers Foods’ Gift Card: Peppers Foods (3829 Cadboro Bay Rd) donates 5% of purchases made with linked gift cards. Ask for a Peppers Gift Card at the check-out or at any school office, load it as needed before/after grocery purchases, tell them it’s for GNS and know that 5% of all your purchases will be donated back to GNS!

Thrifty Foods Smile Card: donates 5% up to $3,000 per year of purchases with linked gift cards. Use at all thrifty’s locations. Ask for a Thrifty’s Smile Gift Card linked to GNS at any school office, load it as needed before grocery purchases and know that 5% of all your purchases will be donated back to GNS!

Mabel’s Labels: donates 20% year round! Under the “Search for your School, Organization or Camp,” type “Glenlyon." Glenlyon Norfolk Parents’ Auxiliary will come up as a choice. Mabel's Labels are personalized labels for kids and adults—stick on, iron on, dissolvable and allergy alert; medical bracelets, and more.

Finn and Izzy’s: Located at 2259 Oak Bay Ave. Finn & Izzy donates $5 for each regularly priced pair of shoes for $40 or more. Just say you’re with GNS!

The Soap Exchange: Located at 1393A Hillside Ave (at Cedar Hill), 10% of your purchase will be donated to the school. Just say you’re with GNS! donates 10% year round. This is an online grocery store that offers free home deliveries. Purchase a gift card, and select Glenlyon Norfolk School Parents’ Auxiliary. SHOP FOR PREMADE PRODUCE BOXES for bonus discount + 25% donated to GNS!

Cob’s Bread: donates 5% year round. Just say you’re with GNS!

  1. 2178 Oak Ave Bay (corner of Oak Bay Ave and Wilmot)
  2. 911 Yates St #140a (Harris Green)
  3. 3639 Shelbourne Street

Campus Auto Group: offers special vehicle discounts, no sales-person buying, and concierge service start to finish on all four brands: Honda, Nissan, Infiniti or Acura; and a donation to GNS! Contact: Aaron Ehman to 778-350-8784 or

Bath, Bark and Beyond: Located at 2041 Oak Bay Avenue, Bath, Bark and Beyond will donate 5% of your purchase. Just say you’re with GNS!

Vision Pros Online Optical: donates 10% year round. Contacts, Glasses and Sunglasses online. At CHECKOUT, enter the fundraising code: GLENLYON222

The Gryphon Door Used Uniform Sales

The Used Uniform Shop is located within the GNS uniform store, The Gryphon Door, to the right once you have entered. Parents, along with significant help from the Gryphon Door, collect and maintain a supply of used uniform items for resale. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of used items goes to the GNS Parents’ Auxiliary! Kindly donate any CLEAN items in good condition that you no longer need, back to the uniform store.