The Executive of the GNS Parents' Auxiliary is elected at the Annual General Meeting, held each year on the first Thursday of June. Members are elected for a one-year term and are expected to attend Executive and general meetings. Each year, enthusiastic and committed parents are encouraged to put their names forward for election to fill vacancies. We begin the 2017/2018 academic year with the following roster.

President Sarah Emslie
Secretary Laurie Kelley
Treasurer Jessica Vitrouk
Ancillary Positions
Beach Dr Lunch Program Coordinators Daphna Mills
Dining Hall Volunteer Coordinator Hollie Anne Denford
Loyalty Program Coordinator Laurie Kelley
Marketing and Communications Geoff Carrow
School and Annual Fund Staff Liaison Mary Anne Marchildon
Class Reps
Junior School
JK Half Day Julita Traylen
JK Full Day Ashley Sangha
Kindergarten Amanda Provan
Jeneen Harrison
Kathy Tiampo
Grade 1 Chanda Pacholuk
Kate Limerick
Grade 2 Julita Traylen
Jen Baggs
Grade 3 Emily Horton
Ramona Johnson
Grade 4 Adrienne Saxby
Jill Mariette
Grade 5 Tanis Shaw-Lewis
Rita Webb
Bonnie Campbell
Middle School
Gr 6 Isabelle Vallieres
Laura Gramada
Gr 7 Suzie Cutt
Nikki Taylor
Gr 8 Shelley Aubrey-Young
Nicole Roberts
Senior School
Gr 9 Laurie Kelley
Linnea Turnquist
Gr 10 Yonabeth Nava de Escalante
Margaret Barclay
Gr 11 Eulala Mills
Lisa Ballinger
Gr 12 Carola Young
Jayne Forster-Coull

Blackbaud myGNS Portal
The NEW Blackbaud myGNS Portal is a password protected area that provides current families with access to online tools that allow them to securely perform tasks such as update health information, find consent forms, or order lunches.