Loyalty Programs

Please consider supporting the following local businesses. Each has created a loyalty fundraising program for GNS.

Peppers Foods’ Gift Card: Peppers Foods (3829 Cadboro Bay Rd) gives 5% of what you load onto a Peppers Card. Get a card at check out and load it. Say you’re with GNS! When the card runs out, simply ask the cashier for a new card. Load your card before/during/after grocery purchases! Peppers gives back to GNS year round!

Thrifty Foods Smile Card: Thrifty Foods donates 5% of the amount you load onto your Smile Card. Get a Smile Card from GNS and load it at Customer Service. Cards are available from any school office or Laurie Kelley

Mabel’s Labels: 20% of your order is donated to GNS! Mabel's Labels are personalized labels for kids and adults. Stick on, iron on, dissolvable and more. For more information, go to: http://tinyurl.com/jyrvv9t

Finn and Izzy’s: Located at 2259 Oak Bay Ave. Say you’re with GNS! Finn & Izzy donates $5 for each regularly priced pair of shoes for $40 or more. http://www.finnandizzy.com/

Cob’s Bread: three locations donate 5% of your purchases. Say you’re with GNS!

  1. 2178 Oak Ave Bay (corner of Oak Bay Ave and Wilmot)
  2. Harris Green - 911 Yates St #140a 250-281-5656
  3. 3639 Shelbourne Street 250-381-9455

Breathe Athletic: Located at 1031 Fort Street, Breathe Athletic will donate 10% of your purchase. Say you’re with GNS! http://www.breatheathletic.com

Bath, Bark and Beyond: Located at 2041 Oak Bay Avenue, Bath, Bark and Beyond will donate 5% of your purchase. Say you’re with GNS!

Abkhazi Tea House: Online ordering & delivery of home-cooked entrees. 10% of your purchase is donated to the school. Say you’re with GNS!http://www.abkhaziteahouse.com.

The Soap Exchange: Located at 1393A Hillside Ave (at Cedar Hill), 10% of your purchase will be donated to the school. Say you’re with GNS! 250-475-0033