School Supplies

At the Junior School, school supplies are provided in class by the classroom teacher. At the Senior School, teachers inform students during the first few days of school about what supplies they require for their individual courses.

School supplies for Middle School students are now available at The Gryphon Door. Below is a complete list of what is required. Returning students are encouraged to reuse items from previous years that are still in good shape. If you would like to pre-order supplies for pick-up (either a complete set or individual items), please complete and submit the form below, or email the Ancillary Services Coordinator, Brenda Matson at

If you have more than one child in the Middle School, a new order form will need to be completed for each child. Supplies marked with * are brand and type specific—no substitutions please. Other supplies can be substituted for a similar item.

Middle School Supplies Order Form