The Geeky American Dream

Geeks: How two lost boys rode the internet out of Idaho, By John Katz

by Thomas Allan

Geeks is a book that is ultimately about the American dream of working hard to get where you want too. This is a sub theme that I think is the most important of all of them in the book. It is also about following your dreams and not letting anyone hold you back but to me it is about how in America anything is possible if you set your mind to it. When the two boys who were misfits in their small town decided to move to the big city there was not too much support. That meant they had to raise the money working and do it themselves. That is the American dream in a nutshell, going from nothing to something.

The way this book is written is very different. It is written about these two boys from the view of the author John Katz. Never is the book from the point of view of the boys and it is always written in hindsight. This is supposed to be like a reporter telling a story about something. It is always very objective too and has no opinion on the things he is writing about. All though it is written in a very reporter like fashion you can tell that he has personal opinion by the way he talks but he never outright says them. Also he writes in a way that seems distracted near the end. It's like he has lost interest in what is happening in the story as the entries seem to get shorter and farther apart.

Geeks is a book that uses an odd writing style that Is more journalistic than anything. It rarely uses literary techniques such as imagery as it is a book written as a journalistic piece not as an art piece. This works well for the book as it gives the feel that a documentary would and it keeps the reader focused on the facts and to remind them that this is the real world not some work of fiction.

This book has many themes and a unique writing style but is a good book none the less. Its journalistic style and the link to the American dream make it the perfect motivational piece to let someone read who is thinking about embarking on a risky journey or doing something they normally wouldn't do. It is interesting enough that you want to keep reading but is also informative so you will get something out of it. It is a great read for anyone but especially for those about to take risks.

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The Geeky American Dream