The Universe: Updated and Expanded

A Brief History of Time, By Stephen Hawking

by Garrett Beattie

Through space and time Stephen Hawking speaks the truth. A Brief History of Time is all about current and dated theories of physics. The history behind these theories—like details, important events, and what's his opinion on them—are explained thoroughly in a fascinating sense. Underneath all the crazy mathematics and the frustrating, almost incomprehensible ideas is this underlying sense of why we are trying to understand how the universe works.

For those with an inborn passion for grand theories, space and mathematics they will certainly find this book very interesting. Although there are many theories of how it all works a theory is still just a theory. The author argues that we can never be 100% right and more than this we will never know if we truly are. Which may be a let down for all those physics hobbyists but we should have a pretty close description.

Dealing with increasingly complex concepts, Hawking begins by explaining our picture of the universe, moves to more advanced physics theories and finishes with how it can all be put together. With each concept presented, Hawking organizes so as to explain the basic tenants of each theory and then how it works. Each sentence is made in a way to strictly give you the information about the concept. It is effective in giving you the information although it is in a very bland format.

Through Stephen Hawking's almost robotic writing he hints at an unambitious future for our planet. However this pessimistic outlook almost hides behind a curtain of glorified physics. The book tries to help you understand what some theories are about and gives you an idea of what the future of the human race could become. unfortunately it's quite ineffective in doing this because it doesn't talk too much about the future. It focuses on the details of the past and present but never really addresses the future.

There's a depressing sense of loneliness that only peeks through in some sentences among the amazing and mind-boggling theories of physics. A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking is a bland book on some very interesting physics with an unwritten sadness.

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The Universe: Updated and Expanded