Program of Studies

The 2017/2018 Program of Studies for the Pemberton Woods Campus details the various courses to be offered for Grades 6 to 12. The document may seem somewhat daunting for Middle School students and parents, especially the more complex aspects of course choice in Grades 11 and 12. However, the choices for Grades 6 through 8 are, in fact, quite straightforward, and the only decisions to be made are in the areas of arts and language acquisition.

Knowing that all of our students are on individualized learning journeys during their time at GNS means it is important to see the exciting opportunities and possible pathways ahead. For this reason we share the entire richness of our academic programs from Grades 6 to 12.

For our Senior School students, the Program of Studies outlines the various tracks available that will build towards advanced and stimulating academic studies at university level and beyond. Please read it over carefully so that an appropriate program is put into place to ensure your success.

For our current Grade 8 students there are several key choices to be made as they move into Grade 9. First, they need to select their language acquisition choice from English, French, Mandarin or Spanish. Second, is the choice of one creative art from band, choir, drama, or visual art. Finally, is the choice of physical and health education class: cooperative or competitive. Students will be advised as to the correct math class placement for next year, based on recommendations from the current Grade 8 math teachers.

The Academic Advisor runs through these options with the students starting on February 27. Between February 27 and March 10, each student is met with individually to ensure course requests are completed with consideration of their future goals. Copies of the course choices will be emailed directly to parents. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Academic Advisor, Ms. Kirsten Ziegler at

Students in the Senior School will make their course requests at school starting February 27 with the Academic Advisor who meets with students to ensure course selections are completed with consideration of their future goals. Copies of the course choices are emailed directly to parents. Questions should be directed to Ms. Ziegler at

For our current Grade 6 and 7 students, course selections, take place in the latter part of April.

Please note that course requests are only available for students that have had their re-registration form and deposit processed. Enjoy reading the Program of Studies, and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to our Academic Advisor, the appropriate Principal (Mr. Jake Burnett at or Mr. Doug Palm at, the Senior School Academic Coordinator Mrs. Cheryl Tradewell (, or the Middle School Leader of Teaching and Learning Ms. Kim Waugh (

PW Grade 6 to 12 Program of StudiesThe Program of Studies is crucial for making course selection choices for the coming school year. The document in its entirety, as as individual grade booklets from the list below.