Round Square

GNS became a member school of the Round Square in 1996, although all the essential ingredients of a Round Square School have been embodied in GNS since it was founded. Our membership gives us focus for our co-curricular activities and enhances what we have always done, by sharing with other schools and by renewing ourselves through our worldwide friendships.

Our membership provides many opportunities for our students. At the Junior School, it gives our Grade 4 and 5 students a chance to build leadership skills and build school spirit. At the Middle and Senior Schools, exchanges are available to and from many schools and students can take part in service projects at the local and international level; and student and teacher delegates attend the Round Square International, Regional or Young Round Square conferences each year.

At the Junior School

At the Junior School, the focus of the Round Square program is more inward facing and has been created to provide leadership opportunities for the older students. Actions may take the form of organizing a presentation at a Friday Morning Live assembly or a school spirit event and are meant to be entirely student-driven with teacher sponsor support. Younger students are encouraged to seek out their older peers with ideas that can be discussed amongst the Round Square group.

At the Middle School

The Young Round Square is an active group of Middle School students, supported by a student prefect and two staff members.

Young Round Square is also involved in exchanges where some students can go on an exchange with a member of another Round Square school in North America. Students participating in this can expect to travel to their exchange school for two weeks and then host their exchange partner for two weeks in Victoria.

There are also opportunities for some Young Round Square members to represent us at yearly regional and biannual international conferences.

At the Senior School

There are six ways to be involved with the Round Square Program at our Senior School:

  1. Join the Round Square Committee
  2. Support the Round Square Committee by attending/participating in any of their initiatives
  3. Go on a Round Square Exchange
  4. Represent the school at a Round Square Conference
  5. Participate in an International Service Project
  6. Be a Global Citizen: we are a Round Square school because our school embodies the IDEALS. Participate fully in school life, join a club, play a sport, and welcome new people to our school community.

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Sarah McKerlich
Director of Senior School Round Square Program

Kim Waugh
Young Round Square Coordinator

Leanne Giommi
Junior School Round Square Coordinator

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