Beach Drive

Phase I

In September 2017, we broke ground at Beach Drive, signifying the beginning of the first phase of construction that, when finished, will completely reinvent our iconic campus.

Phase I focused on the southern end of the Beach Drive Campus. It included the creation of a new Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten complex, as well as a comprehensive updating of the original Rattenbury Boathouse to ensure its long-term preservation as the home of the school-wide Marine Adventure Program. We are pleased to report that Phase I was completed in May 2019 and that the project was fully-funded by donations from the GNS community.

Phase II

Phase Two of the Junior School Campus Transformation is now well underway. It will consist of the Main Building and Gym update as well as the restoration of Rattenbury House.

With the old Gym Block demolished, a temporary gymnasium has been erected on the lawn in front of Rattenbury House.

Phase two remains on time for an intended completion of Phase Two by September 2021.

Student Life During Construction

The Beach Drive Campus Transformation will not disrupt classroom activities or co-curriculars. Construction personnel park offsite, and deliveries are timed so they do not coincide with drop-off, recess or pick-up.

Students continue to have effective learning spaces thanks to the purpose-built Learning Pavilions. These facilities are spacious, well-lit and are equipped with washrooms.

During construction, student safety will be maintained through excellent planning, highly secure fencing and careful timing. As a waterfront facility, we already have excellent supervision at the Beach Drive Campus, and we will continue to keep students safe throughout the Campus Transformation process.

We continue to plan for all eventualities so that we can always ensure a great learning environment for the children as we deal with the sometimes rather than unpredictable timing that can happen in any construction site.


Airy new classrooms

Many of our Junior School students returned to school this fall to brand new classrooms, something that has not occurred at GNS for decades.