Pemberton Woods

Recently Completed Projects

The Gudewill Gymnasium

Opened April 2019: The revitalized Gudewill Gymnasium provides a bright, updated space for Middle and Senior School curricular and co-curricular athletic opportunities. The first phase of the project, which included the installation of a new gym floor and enhancements to the gymnasium area itself, was completed in 2017. The second phase of the project, which included comprehensive overhauls of the locker room and changing was completed in 2019.

The Scott Fitness Centre

Opened January 2016: The Scott Fitness Centre is a hub of the Athletics program at Pemberton Woods. Made possible entirely through the generosity of the GNS community, and in particular the leadership of seven dedicated donor families, the Centre features a variety of cardio equipment, cross-training facilities, weights,rowing ergs and spin bikes. There is floor space to accommodate yoga and pilates activities, and multimedia facilities to provide learning opportunities that emphasize the importance of physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Dining Hall

Opened November 2016: The new Dining Hall comes equipped with brand new kitchen facilities, and serves as a hub of activity for Middle and Senior Schools.

The Music Centre

Opened April 2017: The newest addition to the GNS Arts Program features modern sound-dampening technology, much-needed additional natural lighting and extensive storage space for instruments of all shapes and sizes. A dedicated area on the second floor houses the school’s various chorale offerings, and there are two soundproofed rehearsal spaces to allow musicians to hone their skills without interruption.