Construction Updates

Work on Phase 1 of the Beach Drive project is well underway. Once complete, we will have added wonderful pavilions for students in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten, as well as a reimagined Boathouse that will benefit students of all levels as a centre for our Marine Adventure Program.

While we had hoped to have this phase completed by the beginning of September, the construction schedule has been readjusted. We remain optimistic that these new facilities will be ready for occupation during the fall. We will then move JK and K students at a time and in a manner that causes minimal disruption.

We are in the early stages of securing funding to complete Phase 2 and Phase 3 at the Beach as well as to initiate our plans for Pemberton Woods. We will engage the GNS community in this effort in the coming school year, and will commence Phase 2 shortly.

Jean Bigelow and her team have excellent plans that will ensure your children continue to benefit from all elements of the GNS Experience throughout the construction process with very little disruption. For example, during times of inclement weather when the fields at Shady Lane are not an option and the Gym is inaccessible, we will bus students to the turf at Pemberton Woods and use the facilities at the Oak Bay Rec Centre to supplement the PE program. Similarly, we will bring the Art and Music programs to the students in their classrooms. The Library Learning Commons will remain open and available throughout the project. Most importantly, safety will remain a paramount priority at all times and we will minimize any disruption to student learning.

Pemberton Woods Gymnasium Phase I

Renovations to the Scott Fitness Centre, Dining Hall, Music Centre and Gym facilities have been completed in a timely fashion without incurring significant challenges. These new facilities all greatly benefit Middle and Senior School students.

Unfortunately, construction on the change rooms has been delayed due to unforeseen site conditions. Because of this, the change rooms will not be completed prior to the end of the school year. On behalf of GNS, we extend our deepest apologies to our students and you for the inconvenience this delay has caused. We are confident the new change rooms will provide a much-improved experience for students beginning in the fall of 2018. We are also pleased to report that the delays did not result in costs exceeding the contingencies built into our budgets funded by the generosity of the GNS donor community.

Regular Construction Updates

A new page on the school website is in development, where you will be able to updates on ongoing GNS construction projects. Our Construction Committee meets regularly, and we will maintain a blog on the webpage that will included details regarding progress and will note any changes as they occur. We will also provide detailed updates via email at the beginning of every term, in order to ensure you are properly informed at all times.

Our goal is to be as transparent and honest as possible and to keep you aware and excited about the work being done to make your time at GNS as enjoyable as possible. The updated webpage will be ready by the end of next week (April 20), at

Thank you for your continued support and patience throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns about the ongoing work at Beach Drive, please do not hesitate to connect directly with Jean Bigelow or Glenn Zederayko. Likewise, if you wish to learn more about the change room construction at PW, both Chad Holtum and Glenn Zederayko are available to discuss.