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Donor Recognition

In Grateful Recognition of Our Donors 2022/2023

These lists reflect gifts received by the Glenlyon Norfolk School Foundation during our 2022/2023 school year. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If you feel an omission has been made, please contact the Advancement Office at 250.370.6801 or

Your donations went towards the areas of the school that YOU chose to support! Campus Transformation on both the Beach and Pemberton Woods Campuses, Financial Assistance that helped students attend GNS, programs like Debate, Drama, Band, Outdoor Education and Athletics and so much more! Your generosity makes GNS the special place it is for our students, our families and our staff and teachers and we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you for investing in this great school!
Years of giving:
5–9 years =
blue gryphon
10–14 years =
blue gryphonblue gryphon
15–19 years =
blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
20–24 years =
blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
25–30 years =
blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
31+ years =
blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Anonymous (127 donors)
Colin Adamson & Sarah Adamson '98
Hugh Aitken & Sylvie Argouarch
Lizu Aitken '23
ALACS Foundation
Cheryl Alexander & Brad Alexander blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Karen Allan & Rich Allan blue gryphonblue gryphon
Ben Allard & Liz Bullen
Kathryn Als
Nick Anderson '01 & Tracy Anderson
Shelley Aubrey-Young & Justin Young blue gryphon
David Auld & Edna Auldblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jen Baggs & Paul Serowkablue gryphon
Audrey Bailey & Don Baileyblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jennifer Balfour & Harold Huntblue gryphonblue gryphon
Vicky Ballantyne & James Ballantyneblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Meera Bandechha & Bobby Bandechhablue gryphon
Steve Basaraba
Tara Bashforth
Adam Bate & Bea Bate
Lisa Baumgartner & Mark Baumgartner
Sandy Baxter
Vanessa Bernstein & Andrew MacPhersonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jean Bigelow '71blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Pamela Billinghurst & Matt Billinghurst
Carolyn Bird '65blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Aleesha Bird
John Bjornson & Elizabeth Bjornson
Donja Blokker-Dalquist & Doug Dalquistblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Claudia Blum & Hannes Blumblue gryphonblue gryphon
Angelina Blum '23
Benny Blum '22
Blum Family Fund through the Victoria Foundationblue gryphon
Susan Bourjeaurd
Gavin Bowers & Janet Bowersblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Stuart Brambley & Brenda Brambleyblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Duncan Brice & Sue Bridgesblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
David Brooks & Jane Brooksblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Helen Brooks & Mitch Brooksblue gryphonblue gryphon
Benjy Brooks '96 & Meaghan O'Brienblue gryphonblue gryphon
Donald Brouwer & Cheyenne Furrer
Simon Bruce-Lockhart & Joanne Bruce-Lockhartblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Laurie Brucker & James Morley
Brian Butler
Travis Butler '98
Roxy Butler '96
Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.
Butler Properties
Kathryn Callahan & Brian Callahan
CanadaHelpsblue gryphonblue gryphon
Canado Foundation
Jacquelyn Cantwellblue gryphon
Yue Cao & Hongda Li
Greg Cargill
Zahra Carinoblue gryphon
Cole Carlson & Lisa Carlson
Fiona Caron & Trevor Caron
Michelle Carr & Brian Dunkley
Jody Carrow & Geoffrey Carrow
Alan Cawse & Amy Cawse
Guy Chadsey & Chris Chadseyblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Erica Chan & Peter de Zwager
Abe Chan & Claudia Lai
Riona Chan & Hon Wah Ngai
Kelly Chang & Sean Lim
Charitable Impact Foundation
Amanda Chaval
Yuan Chen & Eliana Zhao
Meghan Chesney
Deirdre Chettleburgh & Peter Chettleburgh
Sarah Chritchley & Simon Hoogewerfblue gryphon
Julia Clark
Greg Clarke & Flora Teng
Angela Colibaba & Rob Colibabablue gryphon
Valerie Cowan & John Pollard
Breanne Cozzolino & Paul Cozzolino
Heather Crossley & Byron Crossleyblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Rhona Crossleyblue gryphon
Tyler Crowe & Kate Limerickblue gryphon
Wenny Cui & Gongming Chen
Will Cupples '68 & Claire Cupplesblue gryphonblue gryphon
Surinder Curran & Ted Curranblue gryphon
Rebekah Curren '90 & Michael Roachblue gryphon
Stephanie Curran '85 & Christopher Curran
Kimberley Curry & Matt Curry
Stephen Cushing & Deborah Gillblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Robbie Cushing '05
Suzie Cutt & Linda Walkerblue gryphon
Erin Dallin & David Dallinblue gryphonblue gryphon
Julian Daniel & Chan Ju Parkblue gryphon
James Darke & Anna Tiemanblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Rachel Davey & Toby Macklinblue gryphon
Tassy Davidsonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
John Davis & Karen Pearsblue gryphon
Steve de Jong & Aly McFarland
Geoffrey Dear & Genevieve Dear
Chris Delorme & Loriann Delormeblue gryphonblue gryphon
Nicholas Delorme '24blue gryphon
Nathan Delorme '25blue gryphon
Carey DeMeo & Peter DeMeoblue gryphonblue gryphon
Karen DeMeoblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jessica Dempsey
Christopher Denford '82 & Anne Denfordblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jack DesBrisay '20
Samir Dhrolia & Sheliza Dhroliablue gryphon
Libo Ding & Ying Tang
Ali Doerksen & Darrell Doerksenblue gryphonblue gryphon
Dave Dong & Kate Wei
Carl Dorsam & Carla Valverde
Erin Dougherty & Cooper Shantzblue gryphon
Shannon Drew
Megan Durovick
Victoria Dyson & Gordon Dyson
Kate Dziwenkablue gryphon
Bob Eagle & Rose Octobreblue gryphon
Douglas Easton & Joan Eastonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Elspeth Easton '10blue gryphon
Tony Eder & Marci Bearance
Jocelyn Edmunds
Jamie Elbertblue gryphonblue gryphon
Sarah (Eamer-Goult) Emslie '80 & Gordon Emslieblue gryphonblue gryphon
Myki Engellandblue gryphon
Tyler Erickson & Anna Michalak
Berit Ertz '95 & Thorsten Hoefling
Debbie Esposito & Tony Esposito
Shannon Evans & Morgan Evans
David Ewen
Richard Fabic & Faye Li
Lara Feldman
Laura Ferreira '69 & Stephen Titus '73blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Ferreira Family Fund 2021 through the Victoria Foundation
Lisa Field & Robert Field
Meghan Filgate & Jeremy Petzing
Susan Findlay '68blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Julie Findlay '95 & Chris Demetrioffblue gryphon
Eric Findlay '00 & Julia Findlay
Darlene Fisherblue gryphon
Kim Fisher
Nancy Fletcherblue gryphonblue gryphon
Andrew Flett & Sarah Landew
Melanie Fosdick & Bill Fosdick
Erin Fraser & Stu Fraser
Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education (FRISBE)blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Allen Gage & Chanda Pacholukblue gryphon
Tony Gage & Laura Gage
Natalie Gainesblue gryphon
Tara Gant
Anderson Gao & Fiona Fan
Andrea Gardiner '79blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Scotty Gardiner & Mary Kenderdineblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Ashley Gasten & Adam Shawblue gryphon
Nisha Gill & Bikramjit Kangblue gryphon
Harlaap Gill '00 & Baljit Gill
Kathy Gingras & Rob Scott
Leanne Giommi & Pat Giommiblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Angie Girard & Michel Girardblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Kevin Glatiotis & Marie-Térèse Littleblue gryphonblue gryphon
GNS Parents' Auxiliary
Samantha Goddard
Dana Goodfellow & Lui Carvello
Robert Gordyblue gryphon
Jill Grahamblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Colin Graham & Sherrill Grahamblue gryphonblue gryphon
Julia Grand & Laren Grand
Christian Granegger & Deborah Granegger-Thomasblue gryphonblue gryphon
Chris Grebeldinger & Victoria Qi
Sara Gregory & Ian Bekkerblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jennie Greven
Nick Gudewill '67blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Sam Gudewill '72blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Geoff Gudewill '76blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Peter Gudewill '68blue gryphonblue gryphon
Gudewill Bursary Fund for Glenlyon Norfolk School through the Victoria Foundationblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Puja Gupta & Ajay Syal
Matthew Gustavson '06 & Hayley Gustavson
Rafe Haines
Leah Hallblue gryphon
David Hamilton '03 & Kailey Hamilton
Michael Hamilton '07 & Jennalise Hamilton
Jon Hamlin
Roslynne Harrington '68blue gryphon
Harris & Company LLP
Jeneen Harrison & Rich Harrisonblue gryphon
Jennifer Hartfield & Bradley Hartfield
Antonina Hartshorne & Beau Hartshorne
Sarah Harvey & Brendan Harveyblue gryphon
Farzad Hassani & Lisa Hassani
Fred Hawkshaw & Christina Hawkshawblue gryphon
Sandra Hemphill & Fred Hemphillblue gryphon
Damon Henryblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Kristina Hewlett
Nadja Hildebrandblue gryphon
Jennifer Hobbins & Morgan Hradecky
Christopher Hodgson & Andrea Hodgson
Kim Holmes & Demian Merinoblue gryphonblue gryphon
Chad Holtum & Erica Holtumblue gryphonblue gryphon
Julia Hopewell
Jim Hopkins & Lindiann Hopkinsblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Zoe Hopkins '14blue gryphon
Kiara Hopkins '16blue gryphon
Coco Hu
Charles Huang & Lori Shen
Nelson Huen & Jacqueline MacDonald
Valerie Huk & Mike Huk
Madeleine Humer '68blue gryphon
Eddie Isted & Stefani Isted
Yiping Jiang & Feizhou Xu
Jumi Jin & Seung Hun Lee
Anni Joe & Austin Joeblue gryphonblue gryphon
Angela Johal & Terry Johal
Teresa Johnsonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Ramona Johnston & Aaron Pappsblue gryphon
Wendy Jones '87 & Jamie Morrisblue gryphonblue gryphon
Claudia Kaeshammer & Matthias Kaeshammer
Christina Kanako
Farhan Kanji & Zahra Rayani-Kanji '91blue gryphon
Laurie Kelley & Scott Poole
Stephen King '94 & Joanne Ko
June Kirkhamblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Heather Knowlden
Vamshi Kotha & Anvita Pauranik
Marina Kraft & Denis Kraft
Nina Krieger & Chris Kowal
Frances Krusekopf & Charles Krusekopf
Anne Kushino-Lawson & Mike Lawsonblue gryphon
Mi Kwon & Woo Chang Son
Ian Laing & Trisha Julseth '00
Lisa Layera & Richard Brunkan
Peter Lee & Emily Paiblue gryphon
Simon Lee & Joyce Cheung
Leslie LeFebvre '74 & Sylvain LeFebvreblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Nicola Lemmer & Jim Stobie
Li Li & Yi Chang
Yi Li & Carly Jean
Hua Li
Minglang Li '28
Wonly Liang & Ke Chen
Jenny Liang & Jiaxin Fan
Cici Liang & Xing Huang
Miao Ling Liang & Hongzhi Tang
Erina Liang & Fred Wang
Sara Liu & Wayne Jiang
Xiaoyu Liu & Ji Ma
Zita Lo & Michael Luk
Shay Lockhart & Scott Currie
Krista Louie '95blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Chui Ying Luk & Philip Ho Shing Lee
Stacey Lund & Jamie Lund
Clint Lundgren & Carmen Rossblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jacqueline Luo & John Chen
Nelson Ma & Tracy Chui
Elizabeth MacMillanblue gryphonblue gryphon
Sarah MacMillanblue gryphon
Basma Majerbi & Adel Guitouni
Alexis Malinowski & Justin Filuk
Trevor Mannion
Mary Anne Marchildon & Rudy Marchildonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jill Marriette & Greg Marriette
Russ Marston & Sandra Marston
Robert Marthaller & Amanda Marthallerblue gryphon
Tanis Massonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Brenda Matson & Kevin Carterblue gryphon
Lise Matzke & Andy French
Jackie Maycock & Geoff Maycocblue gryphon
k Dave McBurney & Surada Chinrum
Erin McCall & Trevor McCall '98blue gryphon
Joanne McDewar & Neil McDewarblue gryphon
Barbara McElroy & Glen McElroyblue gryphon
Bridget McGillivray '10
Sarah McKerlich & Doug Campbellblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jaclyn McLean & Cory McLean
Sarah McLeod & John McLeodblue gryphon
Duncan McLuckie & Chantal McLuckie
Sarah McQueen '06
Sandra Meadow & Victor Ramraj
Neil Mellor '78
Bruce Melville & Geraldine Melvilleblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Eileen Menheer
Tom Meyerblue gryphon
Alice Mickelson Conn & Patrick Conn
Katherine Mikesblue gryphon
Todd Milford & Michelle Porter
Lynda Miller
Lorraine Min & Terry Tam
Svetlana Mir
Alejandro Morales Gil
Barbara Mordaunt '53
Kevin Mordaunt '88blue gryphon
Eddie Moss & Jenn Moss
Jordy Moughtin
Kathleen Mullaneyblue gryphon
Curtis Mundstock & Saki Mundstockblue gryphonblue gryphon
Alyson Munroe & Tony Madunicblue gryphon
Nancy Murphy & Robert Murphy
Eli Nanos & Drew Nanos
Sara Neely '74blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Allison Nelson-Bruce & Jeremy Bruce
Leo Neufeld & Berne Neufeldblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Judy Newmanblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Samuel Ng & Unique Tse
Rebecca Nielson & Jeff Nielsonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Paul Nielson & Anna Cavouras
Sam Norris & Mi Ling Norrisblue gryphon
Kim Northcott & Peter Drydenblue gryphon
Miranda O'Callaghan
Sarah O'Kelly-Lynchblue gryphon
Maya Oh & Chanwoo Bae
Randy Ollech & Nancy Ollechblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Stephanie Owen
Kate Pagett & Mark Pagettblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Cheryl Palm & Doug Palmblue gryphon
Marilyn Palmer
Cora Pamperrienblue gryphon
Sunil Parimi & Dawna Parimi
Shawna Parks
Hamir Patel '05blue gryphon
Parbeen Pathak & Sarah Capesblue gryphon
Matt Phillips & Paula Hesje
Anthea Pietsblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Lance Pimlottblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jordana Pine-Algar & Kevin Algar
Sebastian Piper
Alexandra Plews '06blue gryphon
Fran Primrose
Provincial Employees Community Services Fund PECSFblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Lyndell Pullen & Kim Pullenblue gryphon
Michael Putland & Jennifer Putland
Jennifer Quinn
Rob Rames & Courtney Peck
Katie Ramm & Shannon Sullivan
Randy and Audrey Lomnes Education Fund Held at Vancouver Foundation
Chrissy Raniseth & Brian Sluggettblue gryphonblue gryphon
Dylan Reeves
Farah Remtulla & Zia Poonja
Liuzhi Ren
Peter Richmond
Sarah Riddell & Paul van Koll
Eva Riis-Culverblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Blair Robertson '83 & Nancy Besharahblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Warren Robertson '79 & Sheena Robertsonblue gryphon
Andrea Robertson
Julia Rochtchina & Cedric Littlewood
Cindy Rogers & Neil Rogers
Lisa Saklas & Nick Saklasblue gryphon
Marlena Salvador
Cory Sangha & Ashley Sanghablue gryphon
Liam Sarsfield '07
Kathleen Sawchuk & Dan Sawchukblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Joan Schaper & Eoin Carroll '93
Dawn Schell
Michael Scott-Harston '72 & Francoise Scott-Harstonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Marnie Seliwoniuk & Rob Spytzblue gryphon
Crystal Shea & Casey Shea
Alison Shillington & John Shillingtonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Lincoln Shlensky & Caren Zilber-Shlensky
Acia Shultz & Sandy Shultz
Anne Silver & Stuart Silver
Jeff Silvester & Sasha Silvester
Anne-Marie Simard
Rebecca Simmonsblue gryphonblue gryphon
Hamish Simpson '53 & Tricia Simpsonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Gina Simpson & Ryan Simpsonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Deepa Singal & Rohit Singal
Mary-Jean Smithblue gryphon
Nicole Smith
John Smith
Adrienne Smook & Geoffrey Ewertblue gryphonblue gryphon
Robert Somogyi-Csizmazia & Cathie Fergusonblue gryphon
Philip Spencer '83blue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jena Stacey & Owen Stacey
Susan Stakiw & Stephen Burnett
Kathleen Stamp-Vincent & Chris Stamp-Vincent
Frank Stanley & Shannon Stanleyblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Rhonda Stark & Keith Starkblue gryphon
Ino Stavropoulou
Tristan Story
Barbro Strubel & Wolfgang Strubel
Jane Sun & Feng Chen
Yaming Sun & Li Xun
Josh Swatland & Carrie Swatland
Krisztina Szalay & Tyler Macomber
Theresa Tallentire & Roger Tallentireblue gryphonblue gryphon
Brian Tam
Nikki Taylor & Chris Taylorblue gryphonblue gryphon
The Joan H Perera Charitable Lead Annuity Trustblue gryphon
The Owners, Strata Plan 1473
The Victoria Foundationblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Cathie Thijs
Steve Thompsonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jaqui Thompson & Doug Thompson
Kristina Thomson & Graham Thomsonblue gryphon
Chris Thomson & Jennifer Thomson
Harvey Thorau & Kim Thoraublue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Catherine Tiampo & Jaime Tiampo
Trina Tisotblue gryphonblue gryphon
Tara Todd-Macdonald
Elaine Trappeblue gryphon
Julita Traylen & Fraser Campbell
Sally Turnbull
Clare Turner & Ben Kunkablue gryphon
Sean Twamley
Robert Tyrrell & Avril Tyrrellblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jeff Unger & Carla Unger
United Way of Southern Vancouver Islandblue gryphon
Vancouver Foundationblue gryphon
Zaman Velji & Rishma Thomas
Tom Vesey & April Veseyblue gryphonblue gryphon
Jessica Vitrouk & Arkady Vitroukblue gryphon
Keri Vrabel & Chris Vrabel
Anthony Wai & Rosita Leung
Sarah Wallace & Iain Wallaceblue gryphonblue gryphon
Weiyang Wang & Vick Pan
Billy Wang
Matthew Ward '01 & Mel Ward
Johanna Ward & Craig Ward
Lindsay Warder & Daniel Warderblue gryphon
Kim Waugh & Glenn Vroomblue gryphonblue gryphon
Andrew Weaver & Helen Raptis
Rita Webb & Lincoln Webbblue gryphonblue gryphon
Clayton Webb
Joanie Webster & Tom Webster
Vincent Wei & Ruby Wangblue gryphon
Paula Weir & Roddy Weir
Christopher Weld & Sarah Weldblue gryphon
Patricia Wells & Keith Wellsblue gryphonblue gryphon
Kelly White
Kathryn Wild & Greg Wildblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphonblue gryphon
Austin Wild '15
Jack Wild '17
Will Wild '12
Janice Williams & Darren Williams
Jackie Wilson & Kevin Wilsonblue gryphon
Peter Winters & Marnie Caron
Randy Wright & Kim Wright
Gong Ping Wu & Xiao-Li Lu
Ying Wu & Xiang Yu Sun
Yanmin Xu & Michael Tourigny
Amy Yang & Chris Chen
William Yang & Joyce Zhang
De Jun Yao
Nadia Yatsenko
Kevin Yee & Eileen Hu
Jason Yen & Daisy Tsaiblue gryphon
Naomi Yoshida
Haiping Yu & Xibiao Ye
Li Zhang & Yu Bing Shanblue gryphon
Liping Zhang & Andy Leong
Iris Zhang & Eric Zhang
Syndia Zhang & Lingxiao Zhang
Shirley Zhou & Donald Chan
Cary Zhou & Jessica Hu
Wen Zhou & Jun Shao

Glenlyon Norfolk School

Junior School (JK to Grade 5)

Middle (Grade 6 to 8) and Senior (Grade 9 to 12) Schools

We wish to acknowledge and respect the Straits Salish Peoples on whose traditional territory we gather. Specifically, we recognize the Lekwungen Peoples known today as the Songhees Nation and the Esquimalt Nation, whose historical relationships with the land where we live, work, play and learn continue to this day.