Andrew Arida, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UBC, talks about a few of the benefits of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Personal Project

Grade 10 Personal Projects

The Personal Project is an independent research project that all students at International Baccalaureate schools undertake. It is designed to demonstrate the student's ability to independently organize, create, and complete a significant body of work.

Students are encouraged to choose something they have always wanted to do—to research it and to do it! How many times in life do you get an opportunity like that? Students begin by selecting the Global Context and topic they would like to explore and from there they develop an end goal of what they would like to achieve; after that, the possibilities are endless. We’ve had students build a bicycle, a canoe, and a computer, research another language, learn to sew, or learn to play a new instrument. Some students have studied photography, created cookbooks or designed video games. To rephrase the old saying, if you can dream it, our students can do it!

Each student is assigned a staff supervisor who is available to offer advice and guidance as and when the student might need it. Students meet regularly with their supervisors to ensure that they are on track with various tasks such as journal writing, crafting the project statement, and elements of the final presentation they will give on their project.

We consistently receive feedback that the Personal Project is one of the most memorable experiences of our students’ education at GNS!

Personal Project Profiles