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Frequently asked questions about Glenlyon Norfolk School, our Admissions process, our boarding programs and other aspects of our school.

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General Admissions Questions

Visit the Apply to GNS page that explains our application procedures. Families are strongly encouraged to book a campus tour or attend an Open House—an important step in the admissions process. This tour provides you with an opportunity to observe our internationally recognized programs and experience our community—its energy and culture. GNS offers in-person and virtual Open Houses where families can connect with current students and staff and learn more about our school.

  • Deadline for Kindergarten classes is now October 15
  • Applications for our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes are due by October 15.
  • Once a class has reached capacity, applications will be accepted for our wait pool only.

Once an application and all required documents have been submitted, the applicant will be invited to complete our admissions assessment. Assessments typically take place beginning in mid-October and run throughout the school year.

  • First Steps, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten applicants are required to participate in a group play-based readiness assessment.
  • Grade 1 to 12 applicants will be required to complete a standardized, multiple-choice admissions test, consisting of reading, writing, and math.
  • Grade 6 to 12 applicants will also be required to complete an interview with a member of our Admissions Office.

If there is no further information required from our Admissions Committee, you will receive your decision within two weeks of the applicant completing their assessment.

Yes, we have two unique boarding programs for students in Grades 9 to 12: Family Boarding Homestay Program and Gryphon House Boarding Program Students applying to Grade 8 may be considered for the Family Boarding Homestay.

Yes, through the generous support of GNS current and past families, alumni and friends, funds are provided for bursaries and entrance scholarships.

Learn more about Financial Assistance and Community Scholarships at GNS.

GNS does not keep a hierarchical list of students for grades that are at capacity. Instead, we have a wait pool of candidates that we draw from should a space become available.

These wait pools are comprised of mission-appropriate candidates that have successfully completed the admissions process. When a space becomes available, we will select a candidate from the wait pool that best complements the current make-up of students in the grade.

Yes. Information about our city-wide routes can be found on our School Bus Service information page.

French is offered from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. The option to take Spanish and Mandarin is introduced beginning in Grade 6.

GNS does not offer the traditional ESL program, Instead, we offer English Acquisition (EA), which is a specialized English language course for students whose first language is not English.

The GNS English Acquisition program empowers students with language skills and creates academic gain for students across all their subjects. EA is available for students applying to Grades 8 to 10. For students younger than Grade 8, availability for support will be determined upon application.

Tuition Questions

The school has a progressive sibling discount: the eldest child currently enrolled incurs full fees; the second child currently enrolled is entitled to a 5% tuition fee reduction; the third and any other children currently enrolled are entitled to a 10% tuition fee reduction in fees.

After School Care is available throughout the school year from 3:20 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (5:00 p.m. for Junior Kindergarten), Monday to Friday for Junior School students. The cost for After School Care is $23.50 per day. Our GNS Camps offers programs on Pro-D Days, during school breaks and throughout the summer for students age 3 to 17.

Yes, please contact for further instructions.

Financial Assistance Questions

Families wishing to apply for financial assistance must complete the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application form available via the Apple Financial Services website. Apple Financial Services is a member of the organization of Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS), and uses a consistent, objective and professional analysis of a family’s resources to make recommendations directly to GNS. GNS’s Financial Aid Committee reviews these results in accordance with school policy, and issues decisions directly to the applicant. The maximum bursary award is 40% of tuition fees.

  • Recipients are expected to contribute meaningfully to the school by taking advantage of opportunities in academics, the arts, athletics and citizenship.
  • Families are required to submit a complete application for financial assistance each year by the specified due date. If a family’s financial circumstances have not changed, they will receive a similar percentage of assistance as the previous year.
  • To the best of their ability, both parents should contribute to the cost of tuition, even in the cases of divorce or separation.
  • It is expected that both parents will be gainfully employed. If a spouse chooses not to work, this is factored into the income calculations for evaluation.
  • Certain circumstances, such as caring for a disabled or elderly parent, a child under age 5, or a child with a long-term disability, may exempt a family from this policy. These situations are individually reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • GNS treats requests for assistance with the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality, and expects that families will do the same with the results.

Current Families

  • Mid-December: Deadline to submit completed FACS forms for current families. The specific date will be communicated in advance by the enrolment team.
  • Early February: Financial assistance award confirmations. Families will receive their updated award information in advance of the re-enrolment process opening.

New Families

  • Incoming families submit FACS forms as part of the application process.
  • March 1 through June 30: Financial assistance awards are communicated to newly admitted applicants.