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Annual Appeal

It is through the support of our entire community that we are able to provide enriched learning experiences for our students, now and in the future.

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As we enter the 2023/2024 Gryphon Annual Appeal at GNS, we’re thrilled to be igniting courageous giving and building upon the support we have received from GNS families that has shaped our students’ educational experience. We are asking YOU to consider participating this year and helping us build a future filled with excellence!

2023/2024 Gift Designation Options

Your gift to the Head’s Discretionary Fund empowers our school leadership to seize new opportunities, address pressing needs and enhance the educational experience for all GNS students.

Help us secure the future of financial assistance at Glenylon Norfolk School. Your support ensures that talented students from all backgrounds can access the transformative education offered by our school.

The world is changing rapidly and we want our students to be at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Your contribution to TIE initiatives will equip our students with the tools and resources they need to succeed in a dynamic, technology-driven world. See the list below for details about is on the TIE Wish List below. If you are interested in funding a specific purchase, please indicate this on the donation form.

TIE Wish List

With our new CineMagic course and exclusive partnership with the Vancouver Film School, we need a significant upgrade to our cameras, tripods, lights, microphones, and other film equipment. This is a high priority as we plan to launch this new course in September 2024.

Goal: $30,000

The successful robotics program at the Junior School is reaching the end of its lifespan. The Lego Mindstorm kits that have been in use for many years have officially been discontinued. These funds would help to transition the robotics program to the new Lego Spike line of robotic products. In addition, with this equipment upgrade, the Junior School could participate in the First Robotics Lego League, a supportive organization of partner schools on the South Island.

Goal: $12,000

This donation would fund the startup equipment costs for the inaugural PW Robotics Club. The club aims to be a competitive member of the First Robotics First Tech Challenge, a supportive and inclusive league, for robotic competitions on the South Island.

Goal: $18,000

Standardizing our fleet of 3D Printers to one model as our existing machines are all different and nearing the end of their lifespan.

Goal: $15,000

A class set of iPad Pros and pens. These will enable us to lidar scan real-world objects, incorporate them into 3D design and open a whole new range of digital sketching and design opportunities.

Goal: $30,000

Additional sewing machines to create a total of 10 available for our textile projects and to increase hands-on learning opportunities.

Goal: $4,000

Create more immersive learning experiences for classes through the power of augmented and virtual reality.

Goal: $10,000

One high-end rendering computer per room so that students do not have to rely on their school-issued device to render complex 3D projects which often take many hours to complete.

Goal: Achieved!

Annual Appeal Fast Facts

The Annual Fund is the school’s yearly outreach to our entire GNS community for monetary donations to support the school beyond what tuition provides.

  • It’s not WHAT you give it’s THAT you give.
  • Did you know that the percentage of parents and staff who donate—NO MATTER THE AMOUNT—is vitally important?
  • Why? Your participation can greatly impact decision-making by our major donors to help fund larger projects. They want to HELP us—not do it FOR us.
  • As a not-for-profit organization, all eligible donations receive a tax-deductible receiptable.

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Support GNS by Donating Online

Every donation to Glenlyon Norfolk School—large and small—creates opportunities that enrich student life which tuition alone cannot provide.