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Commitment to Inclusion

gns students walking up stairs

At GNS, we work to ensure that each member of our community has a voice and the opportunity to share their personal perspective in meaningful ways. To continue to embrace diversity as a school, GNS will recognize and support the varied needs of our community members and continue to sustain a respectful and welcoming environment that cultivates acceptance and inclusion.

Violence and discrimination against marginalized members of society in communities across Canada remind our Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS) community that there is still work to do in order to stop racism and bias towards any person or group of people for any reason. 

At GNS, we support and celebrate being an inclusive environment. In addition, we oppose and condemn any discriminatory statements or actions including on the basis of race, culture, ethnicity, language, age, physical or mental ability, family status, religion, economic situation, gender identity and expression, or sexual orientation. We commit to making meaningful changes and efforts to improve accessibility and support diversity, equity and inclusion across all parts of our community including amongst our faculty, staff and students.

As an International Baccalaureate World Continuum School we see great value in supporting our students to be globally-minded citizens who have insight into diverse perspectives and respect for all cultures. We strive to promote genuine care and concern for others. We recognize the value of and complexity in human relationships and see the work of implementing positive change as our shared responsibility. We see education as being the critical foundation for this journey and a basis from which we can encourage our faculty and staff members to continue to reflect on their own practices, seek resources from anti-racism and anti-discrimination contributors, engage in safe and healthy dialogue with each other and their students, seek training and support as needed, implement policies and practices that support accessibility and inclusion, encourage diverse perspectives and contribute in meaningful ways that reduce discrimination and bias in the school and greater community in which we live.

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We remain committed to:

  • Living our GNS Values of Truth, Courage, Caring, Community, and Individuality
  • Supporting the health and safety of our community members
  • Incorporating these values and practices into curriculum, whole school events, alumni engagement, professional development, meetings, parent/caregiver engagement, community building activities and communications
  • Celebrating our community members 
  • Providing opportunities for professional development 
  • Ensuring the inclusion of diverse perspectives from marginalized and underrepresented members of society
  • Actively practicing anti-racism 
  • Taking incidents or reports of racism or discrimination very seriously

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