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Middle School

Our Middle School provides a safe environment for students in Grades 6 to 8 to develop academically and socially on their pathway to becoming confident learners.

The Middle School heart beats very much with a sense of vitality and passion as our students take steps towards finding out who they really are, what they can do to make a difference and the part they can play in their own personal growth and development.

We are firm believers in placing our students right at the centre. The Middle School is a great place for this to happen as it offers a safe, nurturing and wholly positive environment where students can enjoy what they do and have fun learning, knowing that this sense of enjoyment is just what helps to make us a special part of the GNS community.

We know, support and challenge every student as an individual, and understand that our community grows stronger through this recognition. Our students are responsible, and care about themselves and others, as they embrace the core values of both the IB Middle Years Programme and the IDEALS of the Round Square. This allows students to find their way to be the best they can be in every area of the school, and in life. We know that this is a great way to help our students mature and thrive on their GNS journey, while always being aware that it takes truth and courage to be their very best.

Our students engage with depth and passion in an academic program that builds and consolidates foundation skills at a high level, and further develops advanced-level thinking such as how to evaluate, how to apply analytical skills, and how to solve real-life problems with creativity. Students are encouraged to take on new challenges and, at times, to move a little out of their comfort zones, secure in the knowledge that they will have a safe place to return to if they need it. This is a foundation for tangible success at GNS, university, career, and in life in our highly competitive and ever-changing world.

Come to the school to see—and hear—what I mean. In the classrooms, in the corridors, on stage in Denford Hall, on the turf, in our community and beyond, our Middle School students find success at every level because they are guided carefully and consciously, and because they are supported by the strong teamwork between our staff and our parents.

Russ Marston
Principal, Middle School

PHE class in the gym

Unique Features

Located on the same campus as our Senior School, students in Grades 6 to 8 enjoy the benefits of sharing sophisticated facilities with their high school counterparts while still being part of their own close-knit, nurturing community.

Middle School is the perfect age for students to try new things and our students are encouraged to take on new challenges and, at times, to move a little out of their comfort zones, secure in the knowledge that they will be supported by their teachers and peers. The opportunity to try new things also extends well beyond the classroom with our expansive co-curricular options from athletics to debate to service to robotics to outdoor education and more.

Beginning in Grade 6, our Middle School students are given the opportunity to discover and explore their passions through participating in our unique language and arts options.

  • In addition to French, all Grade 6 students are exposed to Spanish and Mandarin. In Grades 7 and 8, students continue with French and one additional language: either Spanish or Mandarin.
  • As they move through Middle School, students take part in our fine arts rotation where they specialize in one of band, drama and art each year, supported by the chance to study the other arts, as they fit in with their individual schedules or as co-curriculars.