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Financial Assistance

Glenlyon Norfolk School offers a needs-based financial assistance program to support students and their families to join our community.

At GNS, we seek students with strong academic potential, good character and diverse backgrounds from families who share the values of the school. Our goal is to provide resources and opportunities that will ensure our students’ success, and create an environment that encourages respect for the self and others.

Making a first-rate education accessible has been a priority for the school for decades. One of the primary motivations for financial assistance programs is to make independent school education inclusive, to make it available to a broad scope of families, many of whom wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Approximately 24% of our students receive some form of financial assistance.

Our Financial Assistance Program is designed with these principles in mind. Providing opportunities for students of all backgrounds allows our school community to reflect the real world while also fostering educational excellence. Learning in a diverse school environment, where students share different viewpoints, experiences and cultures enhances the experience of the whole community, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Financial Assistance Options

Needs-based financial assistance is available for eligible students and is awarded based on each family’s unique circumstances. Awards may cover up to 40% of a student’s tuition. Please note that at this time bursaries are only available to day students who hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status.

The application for financial assistance is separate from the application for admission. Both must be submitted at the time of application in order to be considered for financial support. Candidates wishing to apply for financial assistance must complete and submit the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application form available via the Apple Financial Services website.


Families wishing to apply for financial assistance must complete the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application form available via the Apple Financial Services website. Apple Financial Services is a member of the organization of Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS), and uses a consistent, objective and professional analysis of a family’s resources to make recommendations directly to GNS. GNS’s Financial Aid Committee reviews these results in accordance with school policy, and issues decisions directly to the applicant. The maximum bursary award is 40% of tuition fees.

  • Recipients are expected to contribute meaningfully to the school by taking advantage of opportunities in academics, the arts, athletics and citizenship.
  • Families are required to submit a complete application for financial assistance each year by the specified due date. If a family’s financial circumstances have not changed, they will receive a similar percentage of assistance as the previous year.
  • To the best of their ability, both parents should contribute to the cost of tuition, even in the cases of divorce or separation.
  • It is expected that both parents will be gainfully employed. If a spouse chooses not to work, this is factored into the income calculations for evaluation.
  • Certain circumstances, such as caring for a disabled or elderly parent, a child under age 5, or a child with a long-term disability, may exempt a family from this policy. These situations are individually reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • GNS treats requests for assistance with the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality, and expects that families will do the same with the results.

Current Families

  • Early December: Deadline to submit completed FACS forms for current families. The specific date will be communicated in advance by the enrolment team.
  • Early January: Financial assistance award confirmations. Families will receive their updated award information in advance of the re-enrolment process opening.

New Families

  • Incoming families submit FACS forms as part of the application process.
  • March 1 through June 30: Financial assistance awards are communicated to newly admitted applicants.

To apply for financial assistance you must complete and submit the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application form available via the Apple Financial Services website.