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Strategic Plan 2017–2022

We invite you to explore the Glenlyon Norfolk School Strategic Plan: 2017–2022

A plan created by our community that we will use to continually refine our evolution while providing the very best experience to every student, parent, graduate and colleague. We will refer back to it regularly over the next half decade, in order to guarantee that our work remains focused and that our aspirations are realized.

Our Core Values

The foundation of GNS lies in Our Core Values. These principles guide each member of the “GNS Family,” as we ensure the school remains an exceptional place for students, parents, families, alumni, faculty and staff.

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  • Truth

    We act with integrity and honesty. We share and promote a strong sense of fairness and justice, and we strive to respect the dignity and rights of all people. We speak up, we speak the truth and we take responsibility for both our actions and their consequences.
  • Courage

    We approach uncertainty with forethought and determination. We embrace challenge as opportunity. We promote a courageous approach to both independent and cooperative work, as we explore new ideas and innovative strategies. We are resourceful and resilient in the face of change. We engage all members of our community in contributing to an environment where it is safe and desirable to take risks. We do what is right, rather than what is easy or popular.
  • Caring

    We demonstrate empathy, compassion and respect. We celebrate the success of others and work together to allow every individual to do their best and realize their full potential. We are committed to service, and we act to create positive differences in the lives of others and in the world around us.
  • Individuality

    We value and respect the individual and are always mindful of the opinions of others. We enable each student to define and realize their own unique version of achievement. We understand there is no singular mould for success. We recognize each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and we work with them in their pursuit of personal excellence.
  • Community

    We work collaboratively to realize our common goal of supporting each student to reach their potential. We are sensitive toward others and promote positive interactions and fairness. We select leaders for the Board and the school who embody our values and make intelligent, forward-facing decisions. We celebrate and value each other and our shared GNS heritage. We pull together with kindness and effectiveness at times of stress or crisis.

Our Promise

We will work to understand, challenge and support you to do your best and realize your potential as a whole person each day and throughout life.

Our Mission

To challenge and support each of our students to do their best through truth and courage in learning and in life.

Our Vision

To prepare outstanding citizens of character who will contribute to the world through their leadership, their commitment to service and their understanding that we are all responsible for the future of our communities.
GNS is highly committed to ongoing improvement to be leaders in education. Our Strategic Plan outlines six key success factors to pursue to make our school even better for our current and future students.

Our Key Success Factors include:

List of 6 items.

  • Living our Core Values

    The foundation of GNS lies in our values: Truth, Courage, Caring, Individuality and Community. These principles guide each member of the “GNS Family,” as we ensure the school remains an exceptional place for students, parents, families, alumni, faculty and staff.

    We understand, challenge and support every member of our rich, diverse community of students as individuals. There is no mould at GNS. Each student is supported to maximize their potential, defining and realizing a uniquely personal version of achievement that ensures happiness and success throughout their lives. Our engaged community is committed to doing our collective best for each student, for each other and for our school. This dedication extends beyond our immediate community, and we work to create positive differences in the world.

    Focus of Efforts:
    • Ensuring each member of our community is supported to act in a manner that promotes our shared commitment
    • Enabling each student to do their best and realize their potential
    • Safeguarding each member of the GNS community to be courageous, employing compassion, tact and honesty to address, teach and coach when behaviours do not reflect our values
  • Supporting an exceptional school family

    Members of the GNS community share the courage to lead and watch out for others. We make decisions that are best for our students, our school and our greater community. We are motivated to communicate with each other in ways that are honest, ensuring true understanding and meaningful collaboration. As a family, we are committed to the success of our school and to ensuring we afford each student the ability to realize their potential. Engagement is a hallmark of the GNS Family. We pitch in and do what is needed to allow our school to remain strong and continue to improve. We are self-aware and employ effective strategies to share leadership, enthusiasm and expertise and make the most of our opportunities. As members of a century-old institution, we recognize our responsibility in ensuring the school continues to be dynamic and regarded as a leader in education and in our community.

    Focus of Efforts:

    • Meaningfully engaging current parents, former parents and alumni in the school
    • Developing powerful, significant activities and practices that further enhance our already vibrant community
  • Ensuring our faculty and staff remain outstanding

    At GNS we recognize the role each member of our faculty and staff plays in ensuring every child is known and celebrated as an individual. We are committed to challenging, inspiring and supporting students, allowing them to realize their full potential in academics, arts, athletics and citizenship.

    In a rapidly changing and competitive world, we are steadfast in our work to maximize the personal and professional growth of our colleagues. In turn, our teachers are dedicated, caring and collaborative and always put students first. Each is keenly aware that it is imperative they develop their expertise in an ongoing fashion.

    Focus of Efforts:
    • Creating and implementing a new Professional Growth model that includes an increased degree of shared leadership
    • Supporting each member of our faculty and staff team to continue growing as expert, caring and committed individuals in an ever-changing world
    • Augmenting our Human Resource practices to allow us to continue hiring, training and retaining high-performing professionals who advance the school’s mission and vision in an ongoing fashion
  • Improving our inspiring and effective educational program

    We are proud of our carefully designed and delivered Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes. These challenging but rewarding curricula create extraordinarily powerful foundations for life and enable students to achieve their best in academics, the arts, athletics and citizenship. Each program is regularly refined by the International Baccalaureate Organization to keep pace with changes in the world around us. Our talented team of adaptable professionals is committed to inspiring students to reach their potential. We continually develop our capabilities and embrace the responsibility of refining the uniquely GNS versions of the IB Programmes. These efforts guarantee our ability to meet the equally unique needs of our students.

    Focus of Efforts:
    • Continuing to develop and implement a school-wide scope and sequence for our educational program from JK to Grade 12, making each year seamless, inspiring and highly effective
    • Reviewing and revising the design and delivery of the GNS version of the IB Diploma courses, ensuring each offers consistently greater rewards
    • Supporting more students as they reap the benefits of being engaged in these courses or the full IB Diploma in Grades 11 and 12
    • Supporting the University Guidance Office to raise levels of satisfaction of graduates and their families
    • Developing our ability to support student use of technology as a powerful tool for learning
    • Continuing to develop our Learning Strategies Program, ensuring students are extremely well served as individuals and able to realize their full potential
  • Transforming our campuses

    We are committed to complementing our first-class educational experience with facilities that enhance all facets of our program. Our plan will transform our campuses, allowing students to enjoy open, inviting and supportive instruction and gathering spaces that inspire inquiry and collaboration. Our focus is on providing campuses that support teachers to continue employing highly desirable, evolving approaches that include the use of technology as a valuable tool for learning.

    We strive to enable students to be well prepared for an ever-changing world. We recognize that inspired, environmentally conscious building designs inspire students to interact with their physical surroundings and contribute to the world in a sustainable manner. Because a strong community is a key component of the GNS experience, the new facilities will nurture friendships, creativity and innovation. Students will enjoy many warm, welcoming spaces, inside and out, that stimulate communication and collaboration. Designed to be adaptable for future needs, the transformation of our campuses will support our efforts to do our best in assisting each student to realize their unique potential and lead a happy, rewarding life.

    Focus of Efforts:
    • Continuing to develop our culture of giving to support the successful execution of our plans for transformation at the Beach Drive and Pemberton Woods Campuses
  • Continuing to build robust organizational strength

    We will work to align all aspects of the school in a manner that best supports the realization of our strategic goals, allowing us to fulfill our mission, realize our vision and deliver our promise to students and families. We will regularly review and strengthen the practices of the Board and Senior Leadership. We will continue to make the safety and support of all members of our community our paramount priorities. We will recognize how the world is changing and allow our programs, our business practices and our school to be adaptable and innovative, producing a positive experience for students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. We will employ a modern, forward-thinking approach to facility design that will set us apart in our ability to deliver a highly desirable, effective educational program.

    These efforts will create a high demand for our school in the years to come, driven by positive word of mouth and supplemented by strategic marketing initiatives. That demand will, in turn, further develop our ability to build resources (physical, human and financial) and efficiently utilize them in ways that are highly effective, allowing us to consistently deliver an outstanding educational program with excellent value.

    Focus of Efforts:
    • Continue building our reputation through informed, excellent word of mouth and strategic marketing initiatives locally and internationally
    • Further support improvement in all areas by ensuring the members of the Leadership Team, Society Board and Foundation Board are engaged in highly effective best practices
    • Building our endowment to augment our bursaries and scholarships to attract excellent well-rounded students who will add significantly to the GNS Family

Glenlyon Norfolk School

Junior School (JK to Grade 5)

Middle (Grade 6 to 8) and Senior (Grade 9 to 12) Schools

We wish to acknowledge and respect the Lekwungen-Speaking Peoples on whose traditional territory we stand, and the Songhees, Esquimalt and Wsáneć Peoples whose historical relationships with the land, where we live, work, play and learn, continue to this day.