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Join us for an exclusive series of themed virtual presentations designed to showcase the unique and enriching experiences that define our vibrant school community.
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Busy October at the Beach Drive Learning Commons

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We have kicked off our information literacy lessons on ‘Digital Skepticism’, starting with locating and accessing information. Using the databases World Book Kids and World Book Student, the Grade 2-5 students have been developing an understanding of what a credible source of information is and how to access World Book databases on their school device and at home through Blackbaud.  The students researched a topic of interest, used information to create a slide and practised the important art of citing their source. Our Grade 1s are learning to decipher between fact and fiction through stories and informational books, most recently about bats! Did you know bats use echolocation to find their way around and are mammals? Ask your child about it! Library Squad has been working on a Beach Drive Learning Commons website using ‘Google Sites’ and they have been interviewing teachers about their favourite books to read.  Stay tuned to find out what the staff at Beach Drive love to read. Grade 5 Innovation Lab continues to explore and create using Spoheros, Ozobots, and Little Bits. They have been sharing tools and are planning and creating some fascinating items…such as the dancenator! Our collection continues to grow! We have many new titles in print and online through our e-book service, Sora. Interestingly, when surveyed most students want print books.  The resounding comment is that they like to curl up with a good book and devices just don’t seem the same to snuggle up with! And finally, our beautiful new shelves are leaving the factory on November 5. We will soon be able to put our books on real shelving.  A special thank you to Charlotte, Jecca and Tory for book donations this month.  Any questions? Just ask!Mrs. McLeod