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Chromebooks Help Connect Students in Grade 5 and 6

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As Grade 5 students prepare to finish their time at the Beach Drive Campus, they’ve been given advice and friendly welcome messages from their peers in Grade 6. Traditionally, this would have been accomplished through face-to-face visits at the Pemberton Woods Campus. This year our Grade 6s are using their GNS Chromebooks to help our Grade 5 students get ready for Middle School this Fall.

“Our Grade 5 students have been participating in virtual transition events as they prepare for Grade 6 next year,” explained Graeme Campbell, Educational Technologist. “Lots of information was shared and the Grade 5s really enjoyed being able to ask some questions about their new location and teachers.”

Our Grade 6 students know what it’s like to move on to a new campus, and they have been happy to share information, as well as tips and tricks, with the incoming Grade 5 students. Being able to connect digitally allowed a dialogue that would have been otherwise unavailable, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“The Grade 6 Chromebook Program has been a huge success, especially with our current GNS GO! activities,” said Graeme.

Chromebooks are given to students as they begin Grade 6. Students are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their Chromebooks and they use them in a variety of ways. The tablet feature has been especially beneficial for Mathematics and Science.

“Teachers have really appreciated how quickly students can access information or collaborate on an activity,” continued Graeme. “Teachers have also found an excellent balance between digital and non-digital activities and the Chromebook’s speed and ease of use have facilitated this.”

With the connections being made between our Grade 6 and Grade 5 students right now, the transition in September should be a smooth one, full of familiar faces belonging to students who know exactly what it’s like to go through that same process.