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GNS Class of 2023 Grad Accepted to NYU

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Lily will attend NYU’s School of Professional Studies where she will study hospitality and tourism! This was her top choice for post-secondary education, and she will start in the fall of 2023. 

“NYU has been my goal since I was a child,” she explained. “It started in Middle School, and so has been my dream to study hospitality. I heard that Professional Studies at NYU was really good when you are majoring in hospitality and management. New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, and I feel like for hospitality and tourism it’s important to be in the middle of all of it.”

When she found out she was accepted into her dream school, Lily was with a friend for lunch, and her reaction was priceless. 

“I just got the email from NYU, and I took a video of our reactions,” she described. “I was crying so much.” 

It’s no easy feat when applying to post-secondary, and applying to a school in another country adds extra complications. Lily needed two recommendation letters and had to write a supplementary essay about why she wanted to major in hospitality in New York City. 

“Within the process, I had help from our University Guidance counsellors, specifically Ms. Angela Colibaba,” she said. “She helped me a lot, especially with recommendation letters and navigating the app that was used to send information. I spent a lot of time with Ms. Colibaba.” 

Lily learned that being a storyteller was the best approach for an application essay, and she wants to pass that advice on to her younger peers who will be embarking on their own journey applying to post-secondary institutions next year.

“If schools require an essay, I think it’s important to focus on a story,” she said. “Rather than just stating your awards and accomplishments, it’s better to give them a story.” 

Lily has never been to New York, and is excited to get there for her schooling and to be in a bigger city. Her plan is to get there in August so she will have time to explore and get comfortable with her new surroundings before school starts. 

“My first thing I’m going to do when I get to New York is to try the bagels,” she said. 

We wish Lily all the best at NYU in the coming school year!