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GNS Debate Has Great Weekend at Regionals

GNSGNS photo
GNS recently hosted the Vancouver Island Regionals debate event, where we had seven teams compete! The virtual day was packed with many debates covering a variety of topics that included prepared and impromptu debates. 

In the Senior category, the GNS team of Owen Twamley ’23 and Rebecca Kim ’23 placed first! 

“Being online isn’t ideal, but we made do and I think overall it was fun either way,” said Rebecca. 

Rebecca and Owen have been partnered up previously, where last year they competed in Regionals and Provincials together. Owen has been in debate since Grade 8, and Rebecca joined in Grade 10. 

“I like to debate because I like speaking,” said Owen. “It’s also fun to go up and take a side in an argument—even if you don’t agree with it. It’s fun to look at different perspectives and arguments that you can make. It also helps to develop public speaking skills, and skills you can use in other parts of your life.”

The duo will be preparing for Provincials soon, which will be held on February 26 and 27. They plan to continue practicing as they gear up. 

“Ms. Easton has been great at preparing us not only for debate but public speaking in general,” added Rebecca. 

In the Junior category, Ryan MacPherson ’25 and Owen Krigolson ’25 placed second, which earned them a spot at Provincials. 

“Regionals went really well,” said Owen K. “We were quite prepared, a bit nervous going into it, but after we did it we felt confident and were happy with how we did.”

Back in Grade 6, Ryan and Owen K. were partners, they felt more experienced after reuniting this year. Having been debating for the past three years, it’s something they both enjoy. 

“I like the quick on your feet, fast-paced nature,” said Ryan. “Also the way you can lay out all your points in a decisive argument that leads your opponents scratching their heads.” 

To prepare for Provincials, the duo will be meeting with Ms. Elspeth Easton, GNS Debate Coach, to research their topic and prepare their debates. 

“We are preparing by waiting for the topic to come, then we will be meeting a lot with help from our Debate Coach Ms. Easton, and hopefully some of the debaters—we should be able to get some good points and do well,” said Ryan. 

Good luck at Provincials to all the GNS teams!