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GNS Round Square Cupids Double the Love with Flowergrams, Raising Funds for Wild ARC

Round Square
Students at GNS deliver flowergrams for Valentine's Day to raise money for Wild ARC.

In a display of service and fun, GNS Round Square “Cupids” successfully sold out 300 flowergrams in the Dining Hall on Valentine’s Day. 

This extraordinary feat, almost double the sales from the previous year, will contribute significantly to the welfare of injured wild animals through funds directed towards Wild ARC, a local animal rehabilitation organization on the South Island.

Amelie ’24 was one of the leaders on the initiative, with the cause this year especially close to her heart because she wants to be a vet when she’s older. “Wild ARC not only helps to rehabilitate animals who are hurt but they also release them back into the wild to live their life normally.”  

What began last year as a charming tradition has blossomed into a meaningful and charitable effort. Last year’s sales of 180 flowergrams were impressive, but this year’s remarkable increase demonstrates the growing impact and enthusiasm within the GNS community to contribute to local conservation efforts.

Amelie said that fundraising is really easy and fun, especially when it’s for a good cause, and hopes that the cause will continue in the years to come once she is no longer at GNS. “It makes me feel good because I know I’m helping others, whether it’s animals or people or just getting to sell nice candy and homemade baked goods for others.”

The students brought an extra element of humour and surprise as they transformed into Cupids, wings and all, during the flowergram delivery. The opportunity to deliver flowers to people who weren’t expecting it on Valentine’s Day was fun for everyone, said Grade 11 student Theo Serowka.

“I liked seeing the smiles on people’s faces, and it was a good way to show how service can be really enjoyable and fun,” said another Cupid, Taya ’25.

Sabine ’25 said it was a good opportunity to participate in leadership as they guided younger Grade 9 students through the event’s organization efforts. 

Amelie said that spearheading the initiative and taking on a lot of the responsibility was rewarding because in the end everyone was so happy, and she was grateful to have extra support from people this year who really took a lot of initiative as well. “It’s just a really easy way to make other people happy, and I couldn’t have done it without Mrs. Thijs. I’m also so grateful for everyone who helped, all the Grade 9 girls were so proactive.”

The Round Square Cupids showed that gestures in service, especially when delivered in the spirit of fun, can make a big difference. Their dedication brought joy to fellow students and ensures that injured wildlife in the local area can receive the care and support they need.