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GNS Student Shines at Badminton Tournament

GNSGNS photo
Taking to the court on November 17, Grade 6 GNS student Lewis shined at the 2019 Shuttlesport Rising Stars #2- BC Junior B Series Event #5.

Lewis came in first place in both Boys Doubles U13 and Boys Singles U13!

“It went well and was really fun,” explained Lewis, adding his favourite thing about the tournament was being able to play against others.

To start the tournament off Lewis had two round-robin games. In the first game he went on to win straight sets. In his second match it went to a tiebreaker where he won to push him into the finals. Lewis defeated his opponent in straight sets to be named winner.

“I was happy,” Lewis said about the way he played in the tournament. “My second match, it was against the number one seed, and then we went for three games. The last one, I think I tired him out enough, so that’s why I won.”

Lewis said he tries to make his opponents run a lot throughout the game so they are tired, and he can execute his game plan.

One tournament win wasn’t enough though. Lewis took part in the double’s tournament, where he and teammate Muchen Rick Li won both of their matches 21-6, 21-7 and 21—14, 21-11 respectively.

Lewis has been playing badminton for two years and competing ever since. He got into the sport after taking lessons at his previous school. Having played tennis for seven years, he was able to transition his skills over easily.

Being no stranger to taking part in tournaments for badminton, he says it’s a good way to see where he has improved on his skills.

“Instead of just doing lessons over and over you actually know if you are improving when you are playing against other people,” he said, noting he has seen improvement in his game, specifically in his serve.

Lewis said he’s going to continue to practice and go to his lessons with his coach as he prepares for future tournaments.

Congratulations to Lewis on all his success!