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Grade 12 IB Geography in Action

GNSGNS photo

The elements didn’t stop IB Geography 12 students from getting some hands-on field work experience when they braved the weather in the early morning of October 13 to collect a second set of data for their internal assessment. The group, accompanied by Mrs. Nielson and Mrs. Simpson, used a digital app to accurately measure differences in beach slope and sediment size by season. The group collected their first set of data in March and they can now compare the two sets.  “We hiked down the beach in the pouring rain and we measured the angle of the beach for our geography internal assessment,” explained Stella Fraser ’21 who went to Ross Bay Beach to collect data.  All of the students have different research questions that they are trying to answer, while also exploring various features of the beach where they looked at sediment size and the angle of the beach. This field work is closely connected to the oceans and coastal margins unit IB Geography.   Some students chose to explore other local beaches such as Gonzales, Finnerty Cove, and Haynes Park. While some looked at the angles around the groynes (man-made structures designed to trap sand as it moves down the beach by the longshore drift) on the beach, others were focused on geographic orientation or the role of wind or wave energy and the impact on the beach.  “They are all exploring the same general trends of beaches, slope and sediment”, explained Mrs. Nielson. The students took the lead to get the hands-on experience of geography field work in action.  “They are looking at different factors, asking questions, making observations, using maps, secondary data, and primary data,” added Mrs. Nielson.  Even though the day started in a wet and chilly way, the students were able to have fun and enjoy some donuts after all their hard work. Great job everyone!