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Grade 2 Entrepreneurs Choose to Give

Junior School
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The Grade 2 students proved that they can practically start their own economic system when they used their economic expertise to organize an annual Market Day where they sold items they made with their own creativity. 

Prior to the sale, students created board games, Pokémon cards, arts and crafts, painted rocks, cat toys, jewelry, short stories and the ever-popular slime! 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions this year, students couldn’t sell to families or students in other classes—but that didn’t detract from the fun. 

Through the market, students explored how the world works by looking at different economic systems that help people meet their needs and wants. Students looked at traditional barter and trade economies, market economies and command economies. 

Students learned that, in Canada, there is a mixed market economy combining elements of all these different economic systems. They used their knowledge in real-world situations, like when one student asked about sharing food and was told it wasn’t allowed. 

“Then this is a command economy,” the students decided together. 

By selling products to each other, the Grade 2s raised $200! After discussing what they would do with their profits, a student shared a philosophy that everyone agreed with: They should give, not take. 

Students put forward names of 10 charitable organizations for consideration and discussed if the profits should be given to one group to make a big difference, if they should vote for their top three organizations, or if they should give some to each organization. 

Again, one student’s voice rose above the rest: “We should give $20 to each group so everyone feels their idea was important and valuable.” 

The young entrepreneurs learned that by putting their creativity, energy and teamwork together, they had the power to help ten organizations: the Salvation Army, UNICEF, the Red Cross, BC Children’s Hospital, Victoria Eldercare Foundation, Our Place, the Mustard Seed, the SPCA, the Victoria Humane Society and the Ladybug Foundation.

Proving once again that, at the Beach, we are stronger together!