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Grade 2 Water Heroes

GNSGNS photo
After exploring water on Earth in our IB PYP Unit of Inquiry of “Sharing the Planet”, six Grade 2 students decided to put their learning into action and raise money towards a water charity.  


Bella, Zemirah, Cole, Charlotte S, Charlee and Victor raised money at home by having street-side booths to sell items, collect bottles for refunds, ask family and friends for donations, talked to our Grade 2 classes and even did a public service announcement at the end of our Friday Morning Live on April 30 about our water inquiry.


Miraculously, and almost without teacher support, these six students raised $475! When it came time for them to pick a water charity, they decided to send the money earned to Water First, an organization that works to help address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration—again, no teacher prompting or helping.


While all this was going on at home and in class, these students inspired their Grade 2 classmates to build a rock ‘well’ on our beach during recesses. 


Another example of empowered, knowledgeable, caring citizens in action at GNS!