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Grade 2s Build Community Through Baseball

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Twenty-eight Grade 2 students have been learning the basics of baseball at Shady Lane for the last six weeks. Students have learned how to hit off a tee, run the bases, play different positions in the field, and have fun developing a sense of community and team spirit through cooperative play.  Coaches Ms. Janna Sullivan and Mrs. Kathy Wild have been leading the students in their baseball aspirations. It all started with an introduction to Brambley Ball; an important first step in the athletic development for all Gryphons. They progressed to developmental drills such as running the bases, target throwing to develop accuracy (e.g., having a ball land in a hoop, throwing a ball through a hoop), and batting practice to develop hand-eye coordination and an athletic stance. It wasn’t long before the keen group was ready to play their first game.  “It was fun,” said Victor about getting to play baseball. “We got to play Brambley Ball, and I liked it. We learned about home, first, second and third. I like baseball because you get to bat and then you run!”  “It was pretty fun because you get to hit the ball with the bat and you can go to bases, but sometimes you get unlucky and you get out,” explained Wyatt. “My favourite part was hitting the ball and trying to stay in as long as I can. I wanted to play because of the effort and how hard I could try to play.” Ms. Sullivan and Mrs. Wild were thrilled to coach such a supportive group of student-athletes.  “We were delighted to see the action that these caring athletes took to cheer one another on, celebrating batting efforts and successful runs home,” they said.  The students also took action to volunteer to help with the equipment whether it was carrying it, collecting it, or helping to set up for games. This group’s teamwork and cooperation were excellent examples of this year’s school theme ‘Stronger Together.’ Way to go, Grade 2s!