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Grade 3s Get Tasty Cooking Lesson

GNSGNS photo
Dan Hayes, the London Chef, paid a special visit to the Grade 3s to teach them how to prepare some delicious meals. As part of their IB PYP Unit of Inquiry into “Who We Are,” the students investigate the central idea of “What we believe and value is part of who we are.” When Chef Hayes visited, the students examined the value of fresh and local produce. 

Chef Hayes also taught the students about the different ingredients and got them involved by demonstrating how to break off brussel sprouts from their stocks and how to rip kale. It was a fun learning experience that culminated with the students enjoying a delicious meal of vegetable stir-fry with coconut rice. 

“I really liked the food,” said Noah. “I don’t think I’ve enjoyed vegetables that much before. I was able to bring home some brussel sprouts.”

“I really liked the vegetables, I always eat vegetables, but I thought they were extra good this time,” said Eloise. “It was really fun to come up and rip the vegetables.”

Getting hands-on experience in preparing the vegetables was a highlight for many. 

“My favourite part was being able to rip the kale,” said Will. “We had to grab it and shave it off. It was cool.” 

“My favourite part was getting to break off the brussel sprouts,” said Elizabeth. “He handed around a giant stock!” 

Students enjoyed the experience so much, they noted they would love to see him come back to teach them more techniques and to enjoy some more food together. Thank you Chef Hayes!