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Grade 3s Join John Hillman for 10 Laps

GNSGNS photo
The Grade 3s showed their support for World War II veteran John Hillman, as they joined him in walking 10 laps around Carlton House, a local senior’s home. Mr. Hillman, who turned 103 in March, plans to do 103 laps around the Carlton House courtyard to raise funds for Save the Children, an organization helping children and families affected by conflict, both in Ukraine and around the world. 

Prior to the 10 laps, Mr. Hillman was greeted by the Grade 3 classes with Eloise and Wyatt presenting him with a handmade card from the students of the Junior School. The card was created by the students and Ms. Nancy Fletcher in their art classes and has the national flower of Ukraine on the front. Each student at the Beach Drive Campus added their fingerprint and name. 

“We think it’s very amazing that you’re walking 103 laps around the courtyard to raise money for the children of Ukraine,” commented Wyattin his speech before he and Eloise both said congratulations to Mr. Hillman. 

During their laps, Mr. Hillman walked ahead with Eloise and Wyatt close by, while the rest of the Grade 3s also walked a little further back and waved Ukrainian flags. It was a great morning with smiles everywhere and spectators cheering them on. 

“It was really fun, especially when we were walking with him,” said Eloise. “He inspired me because he said at the beginning ‘No matter how old you are, you can still do anything.’”

Mr. Hillman had previously held similar walking fundraisers in 2020 and 2021 where he walked 101 and 102 laps respectively around his residence. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Save the Children charity.