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Grade 6 and 12 Students Collaborate on Superhero Stories

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Grade 6 and Literature 12 students collaborated twice last term as they developed Superhero stories! The Grade 12s helped the Middle School students examine character development—including fun activities such as designing symbolic superhero costumes and a plot diagram as a way of planning and evaluating story structure. 

At the end of their process, the students were asked a series of questions to reflect on the process and what they took away from it. 

The Grade 6s were asked “What is one thing you were either nervous or excited about?” 

Emerson: “I was nervous about them reading my story and receiving criticism, I was also excited because I was meeting someone new.” 

Issac: “I was excited to double check the work being done. A second more experienced pair of eyes is exactly what I needed to make sure I had done the best I could.”

Wynstan: “I was excited to see what they thought about how my story has progressed.” 

Marcos: “I was excited that the Grade 12s were going to come over, because I needed help, because my paragraph wasn’t very great at the start. When I got my partner, he ended up being a big help with my paragraph.”

The Grade 6s also reflected on “What is one thing you learned from your Grade 12 helper?” 

Aeshan: “One thing I learned is that you want to add details as best you can, and you want to make it interesting, but short.” 

Averi: “I learned how to make a good title that was relevant to the story.” 

Jane: “I learned that Grade 12s can ‘expand’ our knowledge.” 

Grade 12s were also asked to reflect on their time, as they were asked “What’s one thing you really appreciated about their stories?”

Lemon: “I appreciated the complexity of the relationships between characters. The relationships that are developing throughout the story have both tension and resolution, creating a satisfying feeling for the reader.” 

Quinn: “The story is very well structured with a good story arc!” 

Mary: “I really enjoyed the depth of all their stories and the level of complexity. I especially appreciated the various techniques they used, and all of the descriptive language.” 

What a great time having the Grade 6s and 12 collaborate! They not only made new memories, but created pieces of writing that they are all proud of!