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Grade 8s Use Perseverance and Determination in Paper Sculptures

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The Grade 8 IB Visual Arts students are using their creativity and ingenuity to create paper sculptures. The unit began when students were still on campus and were able to learn and explore basic paper sculpting techniques. The challenge for them was to plan, design and create an imaginative solution for a paper sculpture. 


Using inspiration found from artists who also work with paper, the students were tasked to transform their own hand-drawn ideas into a 3D sculpture or a relief (sculpted elements are attached to a solid background of the same material). 


“I enjoyed this unit,” said Samuel Tang. “I think it was not only a chance to demonstrate the paper sculpture skills I acquired but also an opportunity to observe, learn, explore and design. I also think it was a chance to take some risks by attempting new ideas and using new techniques such as schooling that I might have just learned. I think this project was a time to explore new skills and designs while demonstrating that you have learned them by applying these skills and techniques.” 


However, with the campus being closed just as they were about to start their masterpieces, a new challenge was posed. The Grade 8 students had to adapt their drawings and ideas to suit the materials that were available to them at home. Ms. Sicotte notes the perseverance, determination and creativity of the Grade 8s is so impressive.


Sienna Wharton used her creativity to create a wave made out of butterflies. She thought it was a fun and interesting way to create an object that was constructed from smaller objects. 


“My first idea was to create a wave from rolled paper strips before I decided that a more intricate shape than rolled paper would be more creative,” she said. “I tried cutting and folding different shapes for the wave and then chose to use butterfly shapes.” 


When school was still in session at the campus, Sienna had a different plan for her artwork, as she had planned to create a pumpkin carriage.


“When we were unable to create our projects in class I decided to create something that would be easier to cut with scissors instead of an X-ACTO Knife,” she explained. “I had thought about making a wave before the idea of the pumpkin carriage so I thought that it would now be the better option.” 


Julia Roethel chose to create a hippo on a rock with water around it. She used different paper sources such as black construction paper, brown soft paper, a cardboard box, printer paper and paints. During the creation stage, she was able to use many of the techniques she learned in class to enhance her final project. 


Like many classmates, she had to change her original plans when students were told they were to learn from home. 


“Originally I had chosen a squirrel, but when we were sent home due to COVID-19 I had to change my idea. Also I think that the squirrel was too difficult,” said Julia. “From there I had a very ambitious design for the hippo and altered it to show my creative aspects, and to make it how it is now.”


Good job on all your hard work Grade 8s!