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Grade 9 Students Get Creative with Two-Point Perspective Drawings

GNSGNS photo
The Grade 9 IB Visual Arts students have been keeping their creativity flowing with two-point perspective drawings. For their first unit with GNS GO!, the students were tasked with drawing anything they liked in a two-point perspective. 


They could follow online tutorials and had to show their planning and progress in online journals. The students were able to challenge themselves in many ways, including the technical difficulty of their pieces and the level of detail; the rendering of their line drawings with shadow and pattern; or by using tutorials as jumping-off points. 


Mila Somogyi challenged herself to draw an isometric room, similar to ones she had seen before. 


“I got some inspiration off the internet, but I chose to make that design because I liked all the detail and the items in the room,” she explained. “I think this was a bit of a challenge because isometric rooms are not normally drawn exactly in a two-point perspective, so it was a little harder than I expected.”


Using her iPad to make her drawing, Mila did the usual steps like making a sketch, outline and colouring as well as shading and highlights. While students have not been on-campus, Mila said this unit was very similar to being in the classroom, because any questions she had were answered. However, she liked the independence of it. 


Students were able to get creative with their drawings, and some made cityscapes, homes, or bridges. Cole Evans chose to do the two-point perspective drawing of his dream modern kitchen. 


“I have always been interested in learning how to draw interior designs,” he explained. “This unit was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to create an accurate reconstruction of a kitchen from a magazine photo.” 


Using online platforms, Cole had the chance to review several different tutorials to learn how to make a two-point perspective. He found that learning these techniques online took a bit longer, but it helped him to create a complex drawing where he could challenge himself. 


Great job to all the Grade 9s on their hard work with their two-point perspective drawings!

  Check out all their two-point perspective drawings here.