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Gryphon Gallery: Samuel Malin

Samuel left in 1974 with his family to Terrace, returning for Grade 9 and 10 and graduating in June 1979. In Grade 9 he won the Effort Prize and in Grade 10 he received a special academic prize, shared the Scholarship Cup, won second place in the Regional Science Fair and was on the School’s Debating team. He graduated from Queen’s University in Applied Geophysics. 

After working for Dome Petroleum and doing graduate studies at Cambridge, Sam introduced a project to develop onshore oil reserves on the island of Madagascar, ultimately becoming Chief Executive Officer of Madagascar Oil. No longer a shareholder, he remains, however, involved in a variety of oil and mining projects on the island. By contrast, in 2013 he became the owner of Burke’s Peerage and Landed Gentry—a fascination for ‘nobility’ that possibly came from purchasing a ruined 13th century Scottish castle in East Lothian in 2008 that came with a feudal barony, thus becoming with his wife Lord and Lady Hailes.

Sam is married to Irene Major—1995 Miss Cameroon, model, businesswoman, and human rights activist. They have eight children. The Malins enjoy a lavish lifestyle, evident in the decoration of their mansion in Kent known as Ingress Abbey. Each room has its own theme, there’s an Indian, Arabic, African and even a Gothic room that is painted all black. He enjoys his classic cars, coins, cacti, maps and art collections and loves to travel worldwide.  

Exciting times since those last days at Glenlyon when he was more focused on his Science Fair project: “The Effects of Temperature on the Conductivity and Resistance of Sodium Chloride Solution” than on what the future might hold for him.